Why We Need A Progressive Left Alliance To – Literally – Smash The Tories On June 8th, Which Will Weaken Britain’s Negotiating Position With Our Brussels, Friends! My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian.

Hello, friends.

And here is my piece in today’s Far-Right Guardian, in which I analyse the Hard-Right Ian Birrel’s very wise argument that, the bigger the Tory majority is on 9th June, the weaker Britain’s negotiating position with Our EU will be.

Despite the compelling logic of Our Ian’s view – with its clear implication that we on the Progressive Left should all vote Tory in order to weaken Britain’s negotiating position as much as possible – I was compelled [Groan!J.C.] to reject it, as voting Tory is something that I – literally – could never do, no matter how beneficial to Our EU it might turn out to be.

Instead, as you can see below, I have come up with an alternative proposal which is so startlingly original in its startling originality, even the Far-Right Guardian cannot possibly – literally – gainsay it.

As ever, I have provided a link to the original article and my comment, together with replies to it, below my piece.

Strengthen our hand in Europe? No, a landslide for May would weaken it

Very well said, Ian, especially considering that you are a – literally – Hard-Right neoliberal who only a few years ago viciously wrote speeches for the hated Camoron.

Friends! For those of us on the Progressive Left, Ian’s literally irrefutable logic presents us with something of a dilemma.

If, as he says, a landslide victory for the hated Bullingdon Bully Boy May will actually weaken Britain’s negotiating position in Brussels, then it surely follows logically that all of us on the Progressive Left should vote Tory, in order to make Britain’s position as weak as possible? That, after all, is what we want: to see Britain – which Thatcher totally destroyed – utterly humiliated by Our Friends In Europe, who are quite justifiably extremely angry with this totally unelected Tory Government for kowtowing to the wishes of that tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots who disobeyed the clear orders of Our Experts last June and viciously voted against Our EU, and all because, as Ian correctly states, they were literally taken in by the firm promise of £350 million/week for Our NHS, which was nothing more than a Hard-Right LIE emblazoned on the side of a distinctly racist omnibus!

Only joking, friends!

But no! That way, madness – literally – lies! We on the Progressive Left must actually do everything in our power to ensure that this totally unelected Tory Government is – literally – totally unelected on June 8th.

The answer, surely, is a Progressive Left Alliance, encompassing many diverse Progressive elements, e.g. Communists, Trotskyists, Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists, Pol-Potists, Anarchists, Terrorists, LibDems, Greens, Anna Soubry, Our Gina, Our Hezza, Our Prof. Grayling, Our Dick (Branson) etc., which will – literally – stand up for Our Brussels and Our EU against all the vicious bullying that they are having to endure from this tiny, insignificant, pathetically weak so-called country of ours, which is – literally – the laughing-stock of the world.

If we can only do this, friends – and as my long list above shows, we are hardly lacking in wide popular appeal – the result of the General Election on June 8th will be – literally – a landslide!




16 thoughts on “Why We Need A Progressive Left Alliance To – Literally – Smash The Tories On June 8th, Which Will Weaken Britain’s Negotiating Position With Our Brussels, Friends! My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian.

  1. Lefty your words have caused consternation amongst the Neo Bolsheviks. The impeccable Derek Pufflet has of course endorsed them and instructed all to vote Tory.
    This as you say will totally destroy the hated May junta which presumably will be elected and then overwhelmed by progressive forces from the entire universe and even Aberdare ( a noted hard right stronghold) .
    But and this is the problem the favourite midget has gone into a sulk and run off.
    Hence the consternation.
    All our Pufflet will say is -there is no midget like a confused midget- which has only confused us the m ore.

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    1. Letfly More heresy and fake news from the Tyd-villains. Their midgets are long gone and are campaigning hard for the Wicked Witch of the Centre (but are being overlooked). To hide their betrayal, the infamous Puffinette has decreed that old coal miners should resume their former stance and crawl about on their knees. The dead giveaway is that they sport T-shirts with “To lose la Treck”. Nobody in Merthyr knows what it means, they not being fans of Peter Sellar’s movies.

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  2. Daffyd. Predictable but confused.
    No wonder you are confused, its your hearing my boyo, possibly irretrievably damaged by all those Ivan beatings. The u-turn wizard, the Puffinette did indeed say ” there is no midget” but you imagined the rest.

    I note that by adopting Letfly’s grand strategy the Tories have swept to power in Merthyr. What was the second part of the strategy? Clearly Cardiff (and nearby Barry) are midget adverse and their support for the Central Witch May was counterproductive.

    Kipper supper tonight?


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  3. Am currently doing a nut roast for Professor Richard Dawkins, who( so it turns out) is the new Church Of England vicar here in Alcester, Warwickshire. Of course-this is NOT to be bandied around too much. But I am not to vote until he says so, because none of us are fit to know or vote on anything unless he himself is smart enough to understand the nuances and implications.
    He is a man, and therefore my superior in such matters. Here`s hoping for some solidarity from you all here-none of us are to vote unless the Good Professor has both set the paper we need to pass-AND he has passed us and approved our application to vote to stay in the EU.

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  4. Friend Cheryl. It sounds like you are also confused – the Church of England has strict age limits and the good professor must be well past his use-by date. Your new vicar may well be impersonating Dawkins. Does he wear selfish jeans?
    Mind you, CofE clergy are notorious for their firm beliefs.
    So if your fellow parishioners also retrained from exercising their mandates (poor critters) that must created an enormous electoral black hole through which that May creature slipped through like a Darlek. And we disposed of our Dr. Who lookalike – that Owen fellah.

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  5. My wicked spell checker is showing signs of behaving like Labour MPs and doing what it wants to. My last post should have read “So, if your fellow parishioners also REFRAINED from exercising their mandates (poor critters), that must HAVE created an enormous electoral black hole….” I apologize for the eccentricity of my electronic minions.


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  6. The Merthyr result is a tribute to the wisdom of Lefty and the impeccable judgement of Derek Pufflet ( now deprived of his favourite midget by hard right scum).
    Under his guidance the entire Bolshevik collective worked tirelessly to gain this result. Now we can be sure that the hated May junta will cave in to our fine EU when the enormity of her majority hits here. Mere millions of votes are no substitute for true progressive thoughts.

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  7. Daft Daffyd.
    You wrote “The Merthyr result is a tribute to the wisdom of Lefty and the….judgement of Derek Pufflet “.
    I couldn’t agree with you more. 😥

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  8. A lot of organ grinders and monkeys above.
    And much as I enjoy having engineers oiling their rags, and pinching their pipes of peace and pith, as I put the coffee on and look up my muffin stuffings? I crave the direction and leadership, fortitude and vision for us all from Sir Lefty.
    Anybody seen the scene seer?

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  9. There are three things you can rely upon without fail – death, taxes and Letfly’s Sunday offerings of garbage. Nothing can prevent them. Cheryl’s swooning adoration of Letfly comes close, as does Puffinet’s lack of judgement.

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  10. Leftly offers nought but copper-bottomed gems , and fearlessly breaks into enemy territory to speak truth to ToynbeeTown. And is THE man for camouflage, for courage and the coming Man Of All Our Destinies.
    Whereas YOU my Bridging Budgerigar-why, you continue to trill from the top of The Great Trenchermans Spade of Socialist Construct-but leave only a faint pipe and a brief flutter across my Barbara Castle barnet as you flutter back to run the revolution from a grouchy small skip.
    Of course you`re an honoured comrade, but I beg for Unity…can black up and dance between you both at a Sheffield rally in a Rita Marley type of tribute between the warring factions of BrownTown/Trenchtown gangland spats…which of you is Seaga, which is Manley?
    Let us all follow Leftlys shining star…

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  11. I think you`d be the insurgent Edward Seaga-whereas My Lefty swashbuckler through the Far Right Heartlands would have to me “manly” Michael Manley.
    Does one half of you troll the other half I wonder?


  12. Cheryl person
    You are perchance illiterate in the ways of trolldom. The semiliterate Letfly, off on his hols, has some understanding, but his ambition gets in the way. Your excuse?


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