Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 7th-13th May

Hello, friends.

First, an announcement: I’m taking a break from Tweeting and also this Blog, from today until Monday 22nd May.

Soft, friends!

I had originally hoped that this would be a Soft Break, whereby I would actually be able to continue Tweeting, Blogging etc., as most normal people would do during a break.

Hard, friends!

But alas, owing to the widely-hated, totally unelected Bullingdon Bully Boy May’s vicious claim that “A break means a break”, I shall have to break [Groan!J.C.] the habit of a lunchtime, and refrain from these activities totally. Which will, of course – literally – devastate the so-called British economy, which Thatcher totally destroyed.

Tory Austerity, friends!

Hey ho, friends! This break was booked before the Hard-Right May viciously called this so-called General Election, which literally nobody wants.

I do hope you’ll be able to manage without my Progressive Left musings [Ha!J.C.] for the next 8 days, friends. In the meantime, here are last week’s Tweets:


Sunday 7th May

Monday 15th May

Tuesday 9th May

Wednesday 10th May

Thursday 11th May

Friday 12th May

Saturday 13th May


29 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 7th-13th May

  1. Lefty enjoy your break from the noble task you have so gloriously undertaken .We too are resting this week as we gather all our resources to ensure the victory of our Jeremy . Derek Pufflet has recovered all his midgets. Lola Madrigal has returned Ron to us rather the worse for the experience. He arrived in a taxi from Gateshead carrying the noble head of our Jeremy’s statue. Lola has vanished thankfully.
    Our happy band of progressive Bolsheviks is ready to act . Little Dimitri has taken over his school completely and it is now renamed the V.I.Lenin Academy. All is in place and we are confident of total victory over the hated May junta.
    A bright new dawn awaits. Onward to victory .

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  2. Daffyd.
    You and Puffinette both need Speksavers urgently. Your midgets are long gone, swallowed up in the May maw. What you have are garden gnomes!

    My best wishes to Ron and I hope he is fully recovered from his hypothermia. Competing with locals on the Big Market is most unwise. I wouldn’t broadcast your possession of Jeremy’s head. The dreaded Portrait Gallery Gestapo are still looking for it.

    😈🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 (Brexit has created hoards of gruff bullies, many trying to cross my bridges).

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  3. With a surfeit of gruff bullies over the weekend, I failed to recognize the great news, something unexpected and for which we should be so, so grateful. Next week there will be no Sunday selection of tat. Give praise to the Great Troll in the firmament.

    Pray for an Icelandic volcanic eruption that will ground all air transport from Rockall, so stranding Letfly in his constituency. We could hope for consecutive tat-free Sundays.

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  4. Friend Lefty, enjoy your break. With the current level of lunacy sloshing around the meeja, and so many ‘news’ stories looking like parodies of themselves, you may literally not be missed.

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  5. Ah the famed peace and phony war designed to lull the hated right into that false consciousness sense of complacency that only a Left-Leading Helmsman Of Destiny would dare to do.
    And a chance to test the backroom boys and girls re their resolve and devotion towards The Cause…let us hope that fey fops and fainthearts (like assorted naysayers who come to this blog ) will stand foursquare behind The Great Red Flag of All Our Tomorrows!

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  6. I have love enough for you Bridgsta too you know.
    I see you as vulnerable, hurting and -maybe-all those years of homelessness under your bridge, flying solo and in need of nursing, Lefty calls us all in a spirit of unity, and hope you`ll find it in your heart to come with us into the sunlit uplands of socialism.
    Lefty is actively no doubt up in Bradford and on manoevres so that Corbyn will sweep all before us on June 8th-we are to trust his leadership, and sense you wish to do so…but you`re oppressed and fearful of full throttle commitment to The Cause.
    I have both a rather fetching nurses uniform from one of my previous jobs…and I also have access to a big St Bernard dog with a barrel of Tia Maria inside(can swap for a whisky or brandy though as you wish), Were I to come by after work in my cape with said dog…would you then agree to follow Lefty to Caracas, Harare or Mogadishu…I`m Cheryl…feel free to fly with us!

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  7. Dear Cheryl, my hearts beat in syncopated rhythm after perusing your last, most generous missive, but them I remembered past endearments, blandishments and promises – so far unredeemed. For instance my magnum bottle of Jamiesons continues to be naked.

    My support for our Jeremy is without parallel, but that charlatan Letfly has no place in any of my many hearts. You deliberately forget or dismiss his many disputes with Jezza and his inept attempts to seize control of the party apparatus.

    Why do you think he is in the Bradford Riviera? My sources indicate he is in his Rockall constituency where he is trying to shore up (fine joke there!) his falling puffin vote.


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  8. The neo Bolshevik commune is literally confused. Is the hated May junta actually more left wing than our Jeremy? It sounds like it and that means we are considering our position. Onward to socialist glory with Mrs ( I loved our Lenin’s speeches) May instead of backwards with our Jeremy .
    Hail Mrs May the people’s friend who drives our Jeremy round the bend .
    Oh dear Little Dimitri has just seen this and is advancing towards me with an ice pick ……….

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    1. Not so fast unfriend Singer. Little Dimitri was merely demonstrating correct use of said ice pick to his classmates. He has put Friend May’s picture next to our Jeremy and our Fidel in the school assembly hall. May is one of us . Now we progressives are unstoppable.

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  9. The ghost of our poor departed Daffyd returns to haunt us.
    The Tyd-villains have turned true Tory blue, following the example set by their long departed midgets who defected to May and Barry Island weeks ago.
    Haven’t heard much about Puffinette and his devotion to neo-Bolshevikism and its prophet, our Jeremy. Has he suffered a mental breakdown (long overdue)?
    Friend May will insist of PAIRS of boots.

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  10. Have you read Letfly’s latest collection of tweets today, so succinct and erudite, quite unlike bis usual tat. And only accessible by a selected few, true followers and critics. I am so pleased to be included within this grouping.

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  11. Singer-is that an application to jojn our Leader as his deputy-this would be a dream ticket and would surely lead to a Peace and Reconciliation Enquiry and conflab somewhere nice and safe?
    Harmony is breaking through and shining the sunlit uplands-my hair has caught the golden glow and I shall rise up in a Slimcea balloon come the Happy Day we can finally prepare for Government on June 9th.

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  12. Cheryl person. Mighty bridge singers do not waste their considerable talents aspiring to be DEPUTY anything. The leader, our Jeremy, has spurned my efforts and removed everything about musical theory from the Manifesto. We are thus almost certainly destined to ignominious defeat as a consequence. Following Letfly’s advice has already cost us Tydvillia – next month the country, Europe and the world.


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  13. I am of course setting off a fox here-but could you two blokes not do a Natalie and Caroline and be “joint leaders” on a rotational basis. Sporting Lefty to lead us Jan-June, and all gather under the bridge for The Red Flag rendition July through to Yule?
    That Fidel-Raoul kinda divvy up of we camp followers and cushion stuffers of The Revolution.
    It`s not my place of course to impose myself on male alphas in full cry, but a collegiate leadership may be just what the country needs right now.
    Heal and Pacify say I.

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  14. Cheryl person. You still don’t get it do you? Mighty bridge singers do not waste their considerable talents aspiring to be co-leaders of anything, especially if one is a snivelling, backstabbing low-life. Get the picture? We are proud of our status. Enough of your matchmaking efforts.

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  15. Some emotionally-deficient highlife has now ruined my 10.23pm by now liking my 9.46pm. Boo.
    Some people just can’t leave things alone.

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  16. Singer-you fool nobody.
    This is a cry for help…and we here have love and hugs a plenty for you.
    An open hearted kind of Stalingrad, come join us by the Dniper, Volga or wherever our loving tears and compassion flow for you and all heroes of the revolution. June 8th is near, and I`ll save a few red balloons for you, me our Leader and others.
    Refusing to shave my armpits now in honour of Nena who first composed this Anthem for the Red Loving Revolution.

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  17. Cheryl personage. I am insulted beyond measure. It is no cry for help, it was my definitive aria “Recondita armonia”, which I have performed beneath La Scala bridge in my youth. You lack couth dear lady. Let me introduce you to the sensual delights of La Passionata.

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  18. And now when I would welcome some support for my stance against meddling highlife (my 8.09am post), it itself gets no likes (even though it clearly deserves many). This site can be so, so infuriating at times, even when Letfly is silent.

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  19. Letfly, I notice a dearth of Guardian diatribes lately. Does this mean 1. You have come to your senses, 2. The Guardian is at last banning you, 3. You are stuck in your Rockall constituency because the gannets are turning Tory and want hard Rocksit, or 4. You are incarcerated in deepest Tydvil?

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  20. A joy to see my two favourite boys reconciled in the Cause of Wor Jeremys asured victory. I am now in my constituency, preparing for Government. Pretty sure that Singers Bridge will be one of the first results to look for tomorrow evening.
    The landslide to be announced will require a united front from both of you.
    I will confine myself for tea and sandwiches,but will be available for cakes and a cheeky sherry should you require this.

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