Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 14: Three Pieces On Brexit From May [Groan! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! That Wasn’t Even Intended To Be A Pun! – L.] 2016

Hello, friends.

And here for your delectation [Yeah right!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be such a literally wet blanket! By the way, congratulations on getting the Tory lead down to only 9pts in the latest Survation poll! How big do you think Labour’s majority will be on June 9th, by the way? L. No comment!J.C.] is my latest instalment of Saveed Miliband’s old pieces from the Far-Right Guardian, all from May last year.

All three pieces are about Brexit, which as you may recall was a – literally – burning issue a year ago, although, strangely enough, the terms “Hard Brexit” and “Soft Brexit” did not ever seem to be employed then. I really cannot imagine why not – can you?

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

The luvvies’ Brexit letter only shows most people vote with their wallets (article by Simon Jenkins, 20.5.16)

Typical crazy neoliberalism from Simon Jenkins, who should be ashamed of himself for writing this particular Hate Article, which is a totally cynical and disgraceful attack on some of the finest and most upstanding people in this so-called society of ours, which Thatcher first denied the existence of, and then destroyed.

We should be immensely grateful to these 250 celebrities, who have clearly spent a great deal of time carefully, methodically and objectively sifting through all the evidence, generously provided for us all, free of charge, by those fine statespersons Messrs Cameron and Osborne, that leaving Our EU would be the greatest possible catastrophe ever known to this country, with World War 3, mass genocide, famine, accelerating Climate Change, literally billions of job losses and higher roaming charges being just a few of the milder consequences.

And given, friends, the superior knowledge and expertise of Our Celebrities to that of the rest of us on these matters, are we really arguing that they should remain silent about the terrifying events that will befall the UK on the 24th of June should we foolishly ignore their advice?

These gallant 250 people have now laid before us their unanimous findings, reached by every single one of them independently and without even the slightest thought of their own self-interests; and we should surely treat their findings with the respect that they merit. After all, friends, let us not forget that all they are selflessly trying to do is avoid the unimaginable series of utter catastrophes that would surely befall this world, and indeed elsewhere, from this tiny, inconsequential little island, which could not possibly survive on its own, leaving Our EU.

Let us, friends, now decide unanimously to ignore the cynics, the naysayers, the n’er do well’s, the Little Englanders, the racists and the knockers, and back Our Celebrities by voting for Our EU on June 23rd!


Economists overwhelmingly reject Brexit in boost for Cameron (survey, 28.5.16)

Friends, the only surprise in this news is that the proportion of economists forecasting a negative outcome for the UK economy, as a result of Brexit, is not a lot larger.

In my own survey of economists – carried out independently with the aid of a grant from the EU which, of course, didn’t influence their findings in any way whatsoever – well over 110% of them warned of the utter catastrophe that would befall the UK economy, should the British people have the effrontery to vote for Brexit.

As we all know, friends, economists are notorious for their reliability of their forecasts. If you doubt my word on this, just remember – for instance – the sheer number of economists who issued warnings about the danger of the UK joining the Exchange Rate Mechanism in the early 1990s, which is rivalled only by the number of economists who foresaw the Great Crash of 2008.

And, friends, these are just two examples of the truly astonishing ability of economists to foresee the future. And therefore, when making a decision as momentous as this one, surely we should treat economists, and their forecasts, with the respect they truly deserve?


There’s nothing a Brexiter loves more than a good conspiracy (article by Nick Cohen, 29.5.16)

Well said, Nick.

We on the Remain side are, of course, the positive people.

We have pointed out the positive and self-evident truth: that the consequences of this tiny, insignificant, helpless little island leaving the EU will be utterly catastrophic, with World War III, total collapse of the global economic system, mass famine, accelerating Climate Change and higher roaming charges being just a few of the more trivial results of Brexit.

And what has the response of the Leave camp been? Total negativity! They deny these self-evident truths, despite the weight of informed opinion which, as Nick points out, is as reliable as it is impartial.

Fortunately, though, in the unlikely situation that the British people are so foolish as to vote Leave on 23rd June, they can rest assured that we Remainers will be generous enough to acknowledge the grave mistake they have made, and allow them – as we True Europeans have always done, in whichever EU country has made the mistake of voting the wrong way – a second opportunity to vote for Remain.

Indeed, so great is our munificence, we shall give the British people as many opportunities as they need, in order to achieve the right result which is – as all of us in the know, know – an overwhelming vote for Remain.



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