Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 14th-27th May

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’ve all noticed  that, since my resumption of tweeting last Monday, the Tory lead over Labour has been – literally – slashed! Could these two events be in any way related, I can hear you all ask? [No!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Why do you always have to be such a literally damp squib? Are you as excited as I am about your forthcoming move in to 10 Downing Street in less than 2 weeks’ time, by the way?L. No comment! J.C.].

Well, friends, as I’m sure you all realise, sheer modesty prevents me from answering that particular question! But one thing is certain: the effect of my Progressive Left tweets and this Blog on British politics is – literally – immeasurable. [So immeasurable, in fact, Lefty, that nobody has ever bothered to measure it!J.C. Oh Jeremy! I am growing more than a little weary of your literally cheap jokes at my expense! Kindly – literally – buzz off!L.]

Anyway, enough of all this Hard-Right banter [Some mistake, surely, Lefty? J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be so literally literal-minded!L.]. Here’s the latest batch of tweets:

Sunday 14th May

(Hard Break for 8 days)

Monday 22nd May

Tuesday 23rd May

Wednesday 24th May

Thursday 25th May

A tweet about a certain Rufus Hound’s conspiracy theory. 

And after he deleted it … someone kindly captured a screen-shot, which can be found in the first reply to this tweet:

Friday 26th May

Saturday 27th May


3 thoughts on “Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 14th-27th May

  1. It is a matter of considerable concern that we have not had correspondence from Daffyd and Ron for a considerable period. Does Daffyd lie in a shallow grave, and is Ron being held by the Heddlu filth as aiding and abetting that young thug Dimitri? Will the Russian mafia be deported? Letfly, we need to know.

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  2. Fear not Singer all is well. The boot works is at full stretch and the pie factory is thriving. Pufflet is busy rebuilding the engine of the Wartburg and the midgets are on holiday in Blackpool with little Dimitri.
    Lola Madrigal is in Hay at the festival as usual putting herself about a bit but we have managed to keep Ron home here in Merthyr. He still misses her . Foolish man.
    He wants to go to Glastonbury with her but that is one step too far and will mean that once again Igor will have to step in and correct his thoughts.
    No politics you might ask. But when our Jeremy is on course for a victory of such magnitude we humble neo Bolshies can only watch in awe and gratitude.
    Lefty has done his work well. Our Jeremy is unbeatable. Literally unfortunately according to Igor.

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  3. Faux news from Tyd-villains. Soon they will be taking credit for our Jeremy’s landslide victory when all will have resulted from his stupendous facility with remembering financial detail and his forceful interviewing technique as demonstrated so eloquently on the One Show – but where was the power behind the throne, Mrs JC? When she moves to No 10 she will have to show her face.


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