Lefty’s Election Selection Of Tweets, 4th-9th June

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all as thrilled as I am by Jeremy’s amazing victory in yesterday’s General Election, in which he – literally – smashed the Hard-Right May back on her kitten heels!

OK, we didn’t quite achieve the landslide that we were hoping for, friends! But let there be no doubt: Hard-Right extreme Brexit and vicious Far-Right Tory Austerity have now been consigned to the dustbin of history where they belong!

Because I’ve been tweeting quite a lot more than usual, I’ve decided to bring out this special edition of (mostly) General Election-related tweets today, rather than waiting till Sunday, by which time this Blog would be unmanageably long. [Since nobody reads it anyway, Lefty, why would that matter?J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be so snide! And don’t forget the key role this Blog has played in – literally – getting you where you are today!L. No bloody comment! J.C.]  The next roundup will appear some time next week, depending on how busy my tweeting remains.

Anyway, here they are:

Sunday 4th June

Monday 5th June

Tuesday 6th June

Wednesday 7th June

Thursday 8th/Friday 9th June (Election Day/Night)


7 thoughts on “Lefty’s Election Selection Of Tweets, 4th-9th June

  1. Letfly, you utter swine*, now not even weekdays are safe. And the threat of Sunday tat still looms in all its horror.

    *unfair to pigs.

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  2. “Friends! Now that Labour’s victory is totally assured, I am going to bed!

    I shall – literally – see you all in the morning! Nighty night!”

    Such an insight! With a breadth of analysis like this and your application of the deepest political knowledge you must be destined for high office.

    How did you fare in far Rockall? I trust you were able to keep at bay the onslaught of the Tory guillemot scum?

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  3. The Merthyr Supreme Soviet has been in continuous session since Jeremy’s overwhelming victory. Little Dimitri is of course in control. He is concerned that the Corbyn faction is Trotskyest and so is our deadly enemy.
    This is seriously worrying us.
    The usually impeccable Pufflet is being evasive and we suspect deviant tendencies.
    We may be forced to purge the collective.

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  4. Welcome back, all conquering Right hand Man of the Revolution.
    Am hoping now to be Jeremys gal down there in the Welsh valleys to do the griddle cakes.
    What with Nicola, Arlene and Lady Nugee/Miss Doyenne Abbotabad holding quennly court in all parts of the realm-feel I can repalce the pretty ineffective Leanne Wood as Wales leading Lefty Lady.
    Promise to walk a few steps behind you as kipper of the Corbyn flame.
    Well remember fainter hearts than thine wanting you to stop geeing up the Guardian ducks, and to stop pushing Corbz( I call him that now!) on towards his destiny.
    Grand Wizard of the Left?…you whupped the Tory arses good.
    Corbz (I know) owes you bigly Sir Leftington…and your bridge-musing troll need not detain us here.
    The faux-rebels urged caution and compromise-you kept the faith and sold out to nobody. Hence our landslide moral victory last week.
    Can I be Mistress for Wales, once you`ve chosen the team that stood by you when all others thought you less than Godlike?
    I do have plans for a windfall Tampon Tax to pay for Student Houses for all, but now need to say it all in Welsh…but am on the red rag now already Sir Lefty, and proud to fly this once you give me the all clear from Bridgend.

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    1. Thank you, Friend Cheryl. Apologies for the long delay in replying, but as you can imagine, I am pretty busy at the moment, helping Jeremy in his new role as Our Prime Minister, following his – literally – unbelievable Election victory last week.

      For some reason, he hasn’t selected his Cabinet yet, but your proposed position of Mistress for Wales will be considered carefully.


  5. Here you go love:
    “Oes gennyf gynlluniau ar gyfer arian annisgwyl treth Tampon i dalu am fyfyrwyr o dai ar gyfer yr holl”
    But you’ll need the accent gell. Look you.

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