My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, Which Contrasts The LIES Of The Leave Camp With The – Literally – Astonishing Level Of Honesty Of Our Remain Camp, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And this afternoon I have commented on a remarkably fair-minded article in the Far-Right Guardian, which points out how the Leave Campaign’s LIES were – literally – LIES! And, in addition, have remarked upon the author’s failure – the reason for which continues to puzzle me – to mention that the LIES of the Leave Camp contrast dramatically with the honesty of Our Remain Camp, which never once got even close to telling even the smallest porky about the immediate consequences of a vote to Leave last June.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under the piece.

How Vote Leave’s lies could still come back to haunt them (article by Stefan Stern)

Well said, Stefan. It needed to be said, whatever it was.

Friends! As Stefan has so rightly pointed out, the Leave Campaign’s pledges were nothing but a load of Far-Right LIES, emblazoned on the side of a distinctly racist and reactionary omnibus, which was doubtless driven by that bigoted woman, the viciously Hard-Right Duffy.

In case any of you missed it – Stefan barely mentions it here, and of course we Remainers hardly ever talk about it at all – I am, of course, referring to the firm pledge, literally signed in blood by all the leading Leave Camp LIARS, and which I clearly remember stated: “If Britain votes to leave Our EU on 23 June, then we in the Leave Camp hereby guarantee that £350 billion/day extra will be spent on Our NHS from 24 June. No ifs, no buts” – a great fat Far-Right LIE!

Puzzled, friends!

One thing puzzles me, friends. Why does Stefan not contrast the LIES of the Leave Camp with the outstanding, upright honesty of the Remain Camp, which did not in any way descend to scare stories about the consequences of even a vote to Leave, which as we all now know has resulted in an Emergency Budget containing sharp rises in taxation and huge cuts in public spending; a massive downturn in the economy with a huge rise in unemployment; sharply higher interest rates, including mortgage rates; a collapse in Our Stock Market and Our Housing Market (two things particularly dear to the hearts of those of us on the Progressive Left, friends); and various other horrors which, if they haven’t yet come to pass, are only because Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet!

I guess Stefan’s failure to mention the sheer honesty and truthfulness of the Remainers’ campaign must be because this had – literally – slipped his mind. But let us hope that Our Magistrate, when reaching a decision on the case brought by Our Lawyers and Our Academic Expert, will take in to account the quite remarkable levels of honesty and integrity evinced by the Remain Camp, both before and since last June’s Referendum.



4 thoughts on “My Piece In Today’s Far-Right Guardian, Which Contrasts The LIES Of The Leave Camp With The – Literally – Astonishing Level Of Honesty Of Our Remain Camp, Friends!

  1. Surely the magnificent election results justify, nay demand, a series of sing alongs, perhaps simultaneously in different locals across the UK (like Proms in the Parks). It has been so long since we’ve had one, and we need to give our Dianne Abacus something to do.

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  2. Friend Lefty, friend Singer’s idea has merit. Perhaps a serious of offset sing-a-longs could be held starting in Great Yarmouth next Wednesday, a ‘People’s Queen’s Speech’.
    With all singers facing North, as each group finish their song the group to their West could begin the next song, therefore literally passing the musical ‘baton’ to the left in a show of National musical unity.
    Though I’m not sure that finishing the extravaganza with a solo artiste in Ardnamurchan Point would be the sonic climax necessary to mark such an the event.
    Perhaps the Leaver’s bus could be used to carry more singers West, whilst subtly reminding everyone of the ‘Greatest Lie in the World’? The People’s Terrorist friend McDonnell could drive the bus as he will be guaranteed to ‘keep left’. Health and safety isn’t just for tower blocks!

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  3. Friends Singer and Feargal! Thank you for your suggestions! A big singer [Groan!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Now that you’re – literally – Our Prime Minister, isn’t it about time you behaved like one, rather than – literally – descending in to the gutter, i.e. this Blog?L. You said it, Lefty!J.C. Of course I said it, Jeremy! After all, it is *my* Blog!L.] long would be – literally – what Our Doctors have ordered.

    Anyway, please feel free to go ahead with organising it. (Diane’s willing to deal with the financials.) I particularly like Friend Feargal’s suggestion about the bus, btw, which as he correctly says will remind everyone of something which we’re all in danger of forgetting, i.e. the enormous LIES of the Leave Camp, e.g. “£350 trillion extra per hour for Our NHS, payable from the day after a vote for Leave” – a great fat Far-Right LIE!


  4. If your Doctors have ordered it, let them organize it! Cats and bridge singers don’t mix and I’m still miffed about the deliberate suppression of music theory from the manifesto. As for Dianne Abucus taking care of the financials, it could cost all of the 350 quadzillion already committed from the EU savings coffers.

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