Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 9th-15th June

Hello, friends.

And what an exhilarating week it’s been for all of us on the Progressive Left, eh friends! Not merely did we – literally –  win last week’s Election, but we already have advanced plans for a Mass Protest about the result, with Our John’s timely plea for a million people to take to the streets, to overthrow this totally unelected Tory Government!

Confused, friends!

I have to admit, friends, I am slightly confused [More than slightly, Lefty!J.C.  Oh Jeremy! Kindly desist from making literally cheap jokes at my expense, and go back to your constituency and prepare for Government!L. No comment! J.C.] as to why, given that Labour won the election, we should need to protest against the result. But I guess that’s – literally – typical of the viciously Hard-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May’s underhand tactic of clinging to power even though literally no-one voted for her and the hated Tories on 8th June.

But enough of this deep political analysis [Ha! J.C.], friends. Here’s the latest batch of tweets:

Friday 9th June

Saturday 10th June

Sunday 11th June

Monday 12th June

Tuesday 13th June

Wednesday 14th June

Thursday 15th June


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