Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 21st-27th July

Hello, friends.

And what an exciting week it has been for us all on the Progressive Left eh friends! Not merely is Jeremy still Our Prime Minister, but Our Police have now confirmed (see first two tweets for Tuesday 25th July, below) that they are going to take a very tough line in future with Far-Right extremists, e.g. Tory voters!

Yes, friends: all Hate Abuse – e.g. a Far-Right extremist who recently tweeted “I’m not sure that Jeremy is always entirely truthful, you know!” – is now being logged by Our Police, and the full weight of Our Law will be brought to bear against such Far-Right miscreants in future.

Anyway, enough of this shrewd political/legal analysis [Ha!J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! How long have you been Prime Minister for now? Seems like – literally – forever! L. No comment!J.C.]. Here are last week’s tweets. My thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve reused here.

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Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 21: Five Comments (The Hated T. May; The Racist Omnibus LIE Re Our NHS; Our Hillary’s Non-Existent Health Problem; Brexit; And Our Owen/The Hated Jones) From September 2016

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re getting as – literally – fed-up as I am about all the LIES being peddled about Jeremy’s aspiration to abolish all student debt, past and present, aren’t you, friends?

No Far-Right, racist omnibus, friends!

As we all know, no so-called “pledge” can be taken seriously unless it (a) contains the firm promise implicit in the word “Let’s”, and (b) is emblazoned on the side of a Far-Right omnibus. And since neither of these – literally – vital conditions were fulfilled in Jeremy’s statement that he would deal with all student debts, this claim that he was lying is a great fat Far-Right LIE!

Anyway, having cleared up this vicious Hard-Right LIE and SMEAR, here’s the latest instalment of Saveed’s Greatest Hit-ettes: five pieces I wrote in the Far-Right Guardian last September. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


Theresa May, a safe pair of hands as prime minister? Don’t you believe it (article by Abi Wilkinson, 8.9.16)

Friends! The Far-Right May is literally even worse than the Hard-Right Thatcher.

Fortunately, friends, following Jeremy’s stunning performance in last night’s Question Time, in which he literally slaughtered the widely-unknown, widely-hated, Far-Right racist neoliberal Owen Jones – or whatever his name is – it will not be long till the widely-hated, Hard-Right neoliberal racist May will be literally destroyed in a General Election.

No wonder, friends, that the Tories are literally terrified of Jeremy, which is why they keep attacking him!

My Blog, as ever, shows the way:




Brexit camp abandons £350m-a-week NHS funding pledge (report, 10.9.16)

Friends! The Leave Campaign’s Battle Bus slogan read as follows, and I quote it exactly:

“We send the EU £350 million a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead”.

This, friends, was a very clear pledge indeed, about which absolutely no other interpretation can be taken, namely that:

If there is a vote for Leave on 23rd June, then from 24th June, an extra £350 million per week – not a penny less, probably actually several billion pounds more – will be spent on Our NHS every single day. No ifs, no buts.

Now that this firm Referendum pledge – literally written in blood in the Leave Campaign’s Referendum Manifesto, and literally signed in blood by all of their leading figures – can be clearly seen to have been literally abandoned, it is surely time for the Leave Campaign to admit that their grotesque attempt to subvert democracy has totally failed, and to call off this whole “leave the EU” nonsense, which only a tiny handful of 17,410,742 racists viciously and undemocratically voted for in any case, and who would certainly not have done, had this LIE about Our NHS not been viciously promulgated in the first place.

By contrast, friends, those of us on the Remain side can literally hold our heads high, as no-one can possibly accuse us of in any way attempting to mislead the electorate during the campaign, given that all of our firm promises of what would happen in the aftermath of a Leave vote – e.g. economic Armageddon, accelerating Climate Change, World War III, higher roaming charges and redundancies in Brussels – have all come true, or at any rate will, should the literally fatal step of implementing Article 50 be taken.

No wonder, friends, that we Remainers – and we are in the majority, friends, i.e. 48% of us – are revolting!



Hillary Clinton had a terrible weekend. The alternative is far, far worse (article by Richard Wolffe, 12.9.16)

Friends! The allegation that Our Hillary had any kind of health problem yesterday is yet another totally predictable Hard-Right neoliberal lie, peddled by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, i.e. the so-called Internet.

And in any case, friends, I am pleased to announce that she has now made a full recovery.



David Cameron gambled and lost – he had to go (article by Martin Kettle, 12.9.16)

Friends! The Hard-Right neoliberal Camoron has literally destroyed this country!

Not merely did he promise a totally unnecessary, totally unwanted and above all totally undemocratic so-called Referendum on Our EU, he then – by dint of an act of unparalleled incompetence, i.e. winning the totally rigged 2015 Election, which Labour would have won had it not been for the vicious Exit Poll, plus the fact that the Far-Right Miliband’s fervent neoliberalism literally forced millions of Labour voters to vote for the Tories and UKIP in protest – irresponsibly implemented this reckless promise, with the totally disastrous consequences that we can all now see, i.e. Brexit.

The so-called Referendum has literally caused the destruction of this so-called country – which Thatcher destroyed – and, even worse, Our EU, friends! And by downplaying the very real dangers of Britain leaving Our EU, Camoron allowed a tiny handful of 17,410,742 Far-Right racists and bigots – who, friends, represent absolutely nobody but themselves – to override the democratic wishes of the majority, i.e. The 48%.

We, The 48%, have so far been notably silent about this appalling state of affairs until now. But, friends, it is now time for us to find our voices, and to point out just what a total disaster Brexit will be, in terms that can be understood by even the meanest intelligence, i.e. me, e.g. total economic collapse, accelerating Far-Right Climate Change, World War III, higher roaming charges all over the world and indeed elsewhere, and several redundancies in Our Brussels.

And, friends, let us all now demand with one voice: Camoron must go – and go now! He is literally the worst Prime Minister in history, and it is time for him to – literally – step down.

No wonder, friends, that those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are literally many of us, friends, e.g. me – are revolting!



The Tories are using the boundary changes for ruthless gerrymandering (article by Owen Jones, 13.9.16)

Well said, Owen. I agree with everything you said, whatever it was.

By the way, good luck in the Labour Party leadership election. I shall be supporting you literally more than 100%, purely because of your principled stand against Hard-Right Brexit, which Jeremy – disappointingly – doesn’t seem terribly concerned about.


Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 14th-20th July

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all as – literally – furious as I am about the appalling situation regarding Our BBC Stars’ salaries, aren’t you, friends? I haven’t had a wink of sleep in the last couple of nights, worrying about the fact that Our BBC Women Stars are, in certain cases, paid several million pounds less per year than certain BBC men.

Solution, friends!

Fortunately, friends, I have come up with a typically ingenious solution! By dint of putting up Our Licence Fee – which is literally the envy of the world, as well as the greatest bargain –  by just a few hundred pounds (£500/year has a certain ring about it), it should be possible to increase Our BBC Women’s incomes to the same levels as the men’s! And that would – literally – at a stroke bring about the most important thing of all: total gender equality at Our BBC!

Anyway, having dealt with that particular problem, here are last week’s tweets. My thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve reused here.


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Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 20: Four Comments (On Brexit, Our Clegg, Our Immigration And Our Climate Change) From September 2016

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all as excited as I am about Labour’s stunning new plan for Our Financial Transaction Tax, aren’t you? Wow! This will – literally – raise all the money we need to pay for the abolition of Our Students’ Debts, which as John’s Little Read Book has made clear, is a firm promise rather than an aspiration [You’ve got it the wrong way round, Lefty!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be so literally pedantic! Who cares, anyway! Most of today’s students are so ignorant, they probably think “aspiration” is a method of taking drugs!L. Oh, isn’t it? J.C. Cheeky!L. No comment! J.C.].

Anyway, enough of this in-depth explanation of Labour’s latest policy [Ha!J.C.].  Here are four pieces I wrote in the Far-Right Guardian last September. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


Theresa May refuses to commit to Brexit pledges on immigration and NHS (report, 5.9.16)

Friends! This is just the latest betrayal by the Hard-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May who, like this totally unelected Tory Government, is totally unelected, other than by her constituents, and by totally unelected Tory MPs who in any case cannot be removed other than by a General Election, in which those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – will naturally sweep to victory under Jeremy.

And, friends, has anyone else apart from me noticed that the so-called Leave Campaign’s wild promises and – literally – lies now literally lie in tatters?

Have they cut immigration yet? No, friends – they have not! (Thank goodness, eh, friends!)

Are they now spending £350 million per week extra on Our NHS, as they solemnly promised to do? No, friends – they are not!

Have they abolished VAT on tampons? I think you know the answer to that, friends!

Have they, above all, worked out a trade agreement with every single country in the World – and indeed elsewhere – as they promised they would do, and without which, as we all know, all trade is utterly impossible? A big fat No to that one, too, friends!

Meanwhile, friends, Our Stockmarket has now literally crashed to its highest level for well over a year, whilst the so-called £ – which, friends, should have been abolished years ago, and replaced by that utterly solid currency, Our Euro, as so many of us on the Progressive Left advocated at the time – is now literally worthless.

And then, friends, the Leavers have the effrontery to claim that all our prophecies of economic catastrophe were exaggerated! Really, words fail me! At this rate, they’ll start claiming that World War III hasn’t started yet!

No wonder, friends, that those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – are revolting!



Why I can’t forgive Nick Clegg and his party of useful idiots (article by Polly Toynbee, 6.9.16)

Friends! The widely-hated Clegg will never be forgiven for his act of Supreme Treachery, whatever it was.

But at least, friends, Friend Nick is a supporter of Our EU, and – like those of us on the Progressive Left, and there are many of us, e.g. me – is working to ensure that the tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right racists, who viciously voted against Our EU in June’s totally rigged so-called Referendum, and who represent nobody but themselves, are thwarted in their totally undemocratic attempt to literally subvert Our Democracy – which Thatcher totally destroyed – with their Hate Votes.

No wonder, friends, that those of us on the Progressive Left are revolting!



Take back control? It’s now clear the Brexiteers have no clue on immigration (article by Rafael Behr, 7.9.16)

Friends! Those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – do not believe that it is necessarily racist to discuss immigration.

It is not racist, for instance, to talk about all of the enormous benefits that mass immigration has brought to this country, which are so blindingly obvious there is no need to point them out, so I won’t.

Nor is it racist, friends, for people to complain about the level of immigration. We on the Progressive Left fully understand the totally understandable anxieties that many people have about the level of immigration: it is, of course, far too low.

And what is the cause of this disgracefully low level of immigration, friends? Hard-Right Tory Austerity, of course!

Is it any wonder, friends, that literally nobody wants to come and live in Britain, where as we all know literally billions of people are forced to work 95-hour weeks on Zero Hour Contracts for poverty pay, e.g. Our Junior Doctors, while the widely-hated, totally unelected, Far-Right Bullingdon Boy Theresa May literally laughs in their faces whilst literally kicking them in the teeth?

And then Far-Right Neoliberals and members of the 1% claim to be surprised that those of us on the Progressive Left are revolting!



Amitav Ghosh: ‘climate change is like death, no one wants to talk about it’ (article by Kavitha Rao, 8.9.16)

Friends! Hard-Right Climate Change is literally the most terrifying problem that confronts all of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – and, quite frankly, the way that Far-Right racist neoliberals try to pretend that we are guilty of hyperbole and exaggeration is literally millions of miles from the truth.

Friends, Far-Right Climate Change is literally destroying this planet! WAKE UP, friends! All around us are the manifestations of it – snow, rain, wind, mist, fog, a depression from the southwest with a smattering of fog, perhaps a light shower in sheltered places with just a touch of frost at night, so if you’re out on your bicycle in Shropshire tonight, don’t forget to wrap up warm … you name it, it’s happening!

Of course, friends, we must not confuse Weather with Climate, which is a typical neoliberal Denier trick! It’s the same sort of trick, in fact, that other Deniers have used in the past, when in the 1970s, they made the absurd claim – against all the expert advice of the time – that oil would not run out in 30 years’ time! More recently, Deniers claimed – against all the Scientific evidence of the time – that the Millennium Bug wouldn’t lead to total chaos as the Year 2000 dawned, and that there would not be widespread epidemics of BSE, SARS, bird-flu, swine-flu etc. etc., wiping out of most of the human race in the process. And yet, friends, despite such a track record of total denial, they still expect us to take them seriously!

No wonder, friends, that those of us on the Progressive Left are revolting!


Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 7th-13th July

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you all for this latest selection of tweets on this rather special day, which is exactly one year and one day since I first started my Progressive Left tweeting service [Ha!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Why do you always have to be such a literally damp squib?L.] on the Far-Right Twitter.

And what a year and a day it’s been, eh friends! If, a year and a day ago, I had told you that Jeremy would now be Our Prime Minister, I bet that none of you would have believed me!

Anyway, enough about my amazing forecasting abilities [Ha!J.C.]. Here are last week’s tweets. My thanks to Helen Grantley, BIF, Saloni, @LadyMercia, @Rachel_Squindon, @Biastai and MarkBraithwaite2, whose tweets I’ve reused here.


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Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 19: Three Comments On Brexit From August & September 2016

Hello, friends.

And first of all, a rather embarrassing confession! [Oh dear, Lefty – what have you done now?J.C. If you’ll have just a little patience, Jeremy, I shall tell you!L.]. Namely, I meant to put out this little collection yesterday, but totally forgot!

Hey ho, friends! Better – literally – late than never, eh! Anyway, here are three pieces I wrote in the Far-Right Guardian last August and September, all of which were about Brexit. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Brexit Armageddon was a terrifying vision – but it simply hasn’t happened (article by Larry Elliott, 20.8.16)

Friends! Larry Elliott cannot possibly be correct.

I have been watching the BBC News ever since the vote for Brexit, and they have regularly and reliably informed me (a) that the economy is literally crashing due to the vote for Brexit, and (b) that if any economic indicators should by some strange chance be in any way positive, that is of course because Brexit has not happened yet.

And, friends, if even the Far-Right neoliberal BBC, whose anti-EU bias is notoriously notorious, is prepared to admit that the vote for Brexit has resulted in such disastrous consequences, then how can any of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – doubt that that tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right racists, who misguidedly voted against Our EU last month, and who represent nobody but themselves, have literally devastated the so-called British economy, which Thatcher destroyed?

No wonder, friends, that those of us on the Progressive Left are revolting!



Theresa May ‘acting like Tudor monarch’ by denying MPs a Brexit vote (report, 28.8.16)

Friends! Theresa May’s utterly disgusting and outrageous decision to bypass Our MPs on Brexit is sheer Fascism! It is the single most destructive act since Hitler burned down the Reichstag, which as we all know was a direct consequence of the fact that Our EU did not exist in those days, as its Health and Safety regulations – belittled and mocked as they are by Hard-Right elements – would have prohibited such a dangerous act from being carried out in the first place.

Let us hope, friends, that Our House of Lords will now step in to democratically prevent Brexit, which as we all know is the result of a totally undemocratic vote of a tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right racist neoliberals, who are either members of the 1%, or aspire to be, and who in any case represent nobody but themselves.

It is now clear that Brexit is a total disaster, with complete economic collapse, accelerating Climate Change, World War III and higher roaming charges all over the world (and indeed elsewhere), plus the looming prospect of mass redundancies in Brussels, as just a few of the milder consequences. And all this, despite Britain not even having left Our EU yet! Imagine how much worse things would become, friends, if we were so foolish as to take such an appalling step as to actually leave Our EU!

Now that this totally unelected Tory Government is attempting to override the democratic will of the majority of the British people – i.e. the anti-racist, anti-Fascist 48% – in our clearly-expressed desire for Britain to Remain in Our EU, as demonstrated by our overwhelming victory in June’s totally undemocratic and rigged so-called Referendum, and which the Far-Right Theresa May – who, let it never be forgotten, friends, was not selected from an all-women shortlist, in a typical piece of Hard-Right Tory sexism – is now determined to ride roughshod over.

No wonder, friends, those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – are revolting!



Brexit is truly daunting: this is the biggest crisis I have known (article by William Keegan, 4.9.16)

Friends! William Keegan is, of course, totally correct, even if he has, as ever, understated his case.

Britain is now literally the laughing-stock of the world, and indeed elsewhere, as a result of the arbitrary decision of a tiny handful of 17,410,742 Far-Right racists, who viciously voted for Hard-Right Brexit in June, and who represent absolutely nobody but themselves.

Now that the £ – that oppressive symbol of Far-Right imperialism and neocolonialism – is now literally worthless against Our Euro, and Our Stockmarket has crashed to its highest level for well over a year, and the British so-called economy – which Thatcher totally destroyed – has literally tanked, where are the so-called Brexiters now, friends?

They are, friends, all in hiding! Understandably, given that Our Remain Camp’s entirely accurate and precise forecasts – e.g. total economic collapse, World War III, accelerating Hard-Right Climate Change and higher roaming charges, together with the prospect of several redundancies in Our Brussels – have all literally come true with a vengeance.

No wonder, friends, that whenever I encounter my friends from the Continent, they are literally convulsed with laughter at the sorry state of the British economy, especially when it is contrasted with the booming Euroland economy where – to take just a couple of examples – youth unemployment in certain parts of Southern Europe is less than 50%, and Our Italian Banks are still practically solvent.

What a contrast, friends, this happy state of affairs in Our EU is with the so-called British economy, where literally billions people are forced to work 95-hour weeks on Zero Hour Contracts in compulsory Foodbanks, while the widely-hated, totally unelected, sociopathic Bullingdon Bully Boy Theresa May sadistically quaffs champagne whilst burning £50 notes in front of them. No wonder literally nobody wants to come and live in the UK, friends!

And given this literally state of affairs, friends, is it really any surprise to hear that those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – are revolting?


Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 30th June-7th July

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you all on this hot July day, which as we all know is a direct result of dangerous Climate Change which, as 97% of Our Climate Scientists have conclusively proved, has absolutely nothing to do with weather.

Change, friends!

But now that Jeremy is Our PM, we can start changing Climate Change, because as last month’s Election clearly showed, the climate [Groan!J.C. Oh hello Jeremy! Guess I should be flattered that, even though you’re now Our PM, you still have time to literally butt in here!L. No comment!J.C.] of opinion has shifted decisively to the Left, i.e. Grenfell.

Anyway, enough of this penetrating socio-political analysis [Ha! J.C.] Here are last week’s tweets. My thanks to Boudica Blithe, Grumpy Dredd, Stuart King and WireSpy, whose tweets I’ve reused here.

Friday 30th June

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Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 18: Four Comments From August 2016

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all still – literally – coming down from Our Not One More Day Protest March on Saturday, aren’t you, friends? Wow! If Jeremy were not already Our Prime Minister, Our March would certainly have ensured he was!

Number-crunching time, friends!

According to figures I’ve just made up, and which have been verified by 112% of Climate Scientists, 15,000 odd people attended Our March! That tiny handful of 13,669,883 Far-Right bigots who viciously voted Tory on June 8th – and who, friends, represent absolutely nobody but themselves – must be feeling literally pretty small now!

Anyway, enough of all of this in-depth statistical analysis [Ha!J.C.], friends. Here’s my latest selection of Saveed’s Greatest Hitettes from the Far-Right Guardian. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Jeremy Corbyn rules out second referendum on Brexit (report, 7.8.16)

Friends! We on the Progressive Left naturally oppose all Referendums, as they are simply tools of Far-Right neoliberal racist Fascists, e.g. the hated Farage.

And we are quite right to do so, friends, as the EU Referendum has shown that a tiny minority of 17,410,742 racist Fascists – who represent no-one but themselves – can disrupt the democratic functioning of a so-called society like ours, which Thatcher first denied the existence of, and then totally destroyed.

And therefore, it is absolutely essential friends, that a second Referendum is held as soon as possible, so that people have the opportunity to rectify the grave error they made in June, when Hate Votes outnumbered Hope Votes (even if only in a pedantic, mathematical sense).

Friends, it appears that we on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – have made a serious error in choosing Jeremy as our Leader. His refusal to countenance a second Referendum is a clear sign that he is not prepared to listen to the verdict of the 48%, and is prepared to pander to a tiny minority of Far-Right Fascists instead.

Thank goodness for the Labour Leadership election eh, friends. As the EU Referendum has shown, it is not always possible to obtain the correct result first time round. I do hope that all of my friends on the Progressive Left will now install Owen Jones as Labour Leader.



Elites must start listening to the ‘smelly citizens’ in the streets (article by Anne McElvoy, 7.8.16)

Friends! Anne McElvoy is correct in one respect, if in no other.

It really is about time that the so-called “elites”, along with those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – started listening to the fears and anxieties of ordinary working people, whether these are about Our EU, Our NHS (the envy of the world and indeed elsewhere, friends!), Our BBC, Our Immigrants, and anything else for that matter.

And this is because, friends, it is only by listening to all of these totally understandable fears and anxieties that are held by so many ordinary working people, that we can then explain to them exactly how, and why, they are totally wrong.



Brexit, Trump: the trouble with claiming we’re in a post-truth era (article by Steve Richards, 10.8.16)

Friends! Fortunately, those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – have no problem with the truth.

We speak nothing more than the truth when we point out that the only way for a fair society to be created is for our great public services, e.g. Our NHS, Our BBC and Our EU, to be properly funded, instead of starved of cash and totally destroyed, as has happened under this totally unelected Tory Government and its totally reckless policy of Far-Right Austerity, in which Government spending has been slashed from £692 billions in 2010 to only £760 billions in 2016 – that’s a full £68 billions difference, friends, whatever Hard-Right neoliberal elements, i.e. Liam Byrne, might claim.

And when these same Hard-Right neoliberal elements say “Where will you get the money from?” – a typical neoliberal trick there, friends – we on the Progressive Left are happy to tell the truth, however difficult and unpalatable it may be for many people.

Which is: in order for the kind of society that we on the Progressive Left wish to create – e.g. that shining example, Venezuela – it will be necessary for those with the broadest shoulders – the hated 1% and the Banksters – to pay a very great deal more tax than they currently do.

Asking the very richest people in our society – which, never let it be forgotten, friends, Thatcher first denied the existence of, and then destroyed – to pay more tax, may not be the easiest message to sell; but nonetheless, it is an honest and truthful one, and one from which we on the Progressive Left must not resile.


In response to frankieboy (who replied to me, same article):

Exactly right, friend. All the figures you have provided merely underline how this Government is not spending nearly enough, and that far, far more expenditure is required, if this country is to emulate truly successful countries like Venezuela, whose mild transitional problems have all been caused by America, i.e. the Far-Right neoliberal puppet, Obama.