Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 7th-13th July

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you all for this latest selection of tweets on this rather special day, which is exactly one year and one day since I first started my Progressive Left tweeting service [Ha!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Why do you always have to be such a literally damp squib?L.] on the Far-Right Twitter.

And what a year and a day it’s been, eh friends! If, a year and a day ago, I had told you that Jeremy would now be Our Prime Minister, I bet that none of you would have believed me!

Anyway, enough about my amazing forecasting abilities [Ha!J.C.]. Here are last week’s tweets. My thanks to Helen Grantley, BIF, Saloni, @LadyMercia, @Rachel_Squindon, @Biastai and MarkBraithwaite2, whose tweets I’ve reused here.


Friday 7th July

Saturday 8th July

Sunday 9th July

Monday 10th July

Tuesday 11th July

Wednesday 12th July

Thursday 13th July


9 thoughts on “Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 7th-13th July

    1. The Collective has been on an extended trip occasioned by Ron getting a vision of the New Jerusalem. Where we cannot yet reveal but it is a place where our Jeremy is destined to raise his standard and sweep the Tory scum into the oblivionof history.
      Hail the Collective. Hail Caesar.

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      1. Someone’s telling porkies, selling fake news. What is more likely? – Tydville disappeared in a flash of nuclear fire courtesy of Mad May intransigence or our Jeremy sweeping the Tory scum into the oblivion of history from his new Jerusalem (Islington?). I know what I believe to be the more probable! Get the Geiger counters out.

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  1. Friend Singer! Reports are reaching me that the hated May has launched a nuclear attack, using the Hard-Right Trident, on the whole area, killing literally tens of millions of people in the process, as part of her plans to impose Hard Brexit, which literally nobody wants.

    Of course, you won’t hear anything about this from the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled monopoly media, e.g. Our BBC.


  2. Led by the immaculate Derek Pufflet the entire collective has left Merthyr . In the words of our leader it has become another outpost of bourgeois capitalist decadence.
    The pie factory has been closed as has the boot shop in Pontypridd. We are in a convoy of Trabants Wartburgs and Moskvitchs roaming the hills of central Wales. In truth it is glorious sight.
    Not so much lost in Wales as once again in the vanguard of the progessive movement.

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    1. Bet it’s like a scene from Mad Max with ragged remnants of the Tydvillian nuclear firestorm in search of petrol. Beware Llandrindog, your Wells may soon be attacked.

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      1. Mad Max is a cultural reference point for us neo Bolshies. We venerate such socialist endeavour. Would our Jeremy had the balls of Mad Max. Mad Jeremy and his supercharged Mustang Mach One.
        Blasting up the M4 and along through Shepherds Bush and hitting Islington at dawn.
        A real hero of our time .hail Our Jeremy . Hail all lefties .
        Meanwhile we plan and plot our advance on Aberystwyth.
        Not for us the Mustang more the Trabant.


  3. Ben Lake of Plaid Cymru will not be pleased at your audacity. With a sizable proportion of the Aberystwyth working class, aka students, away on their hols the weakened population will be vulnerable to your invasion. No doubt your advanced midget guard is spying out the land as we write.

    Why would anyone want to go to Aber?


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