Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 21st-27th July

Hello, friends.

And what an exciting week it has been for us all on the Progressive Left eh friends! Not merely is Jeremy still Our Prime Minister, but Our Police have now confirmed (see first two tweets for Tuesday 25th July, below) that they are going to take a very tough line in future with Far-Right extremists, e.g. Tory voters!

Yes, friends: all Hate Abuse – e.g. a Far-Right extremist who recently tweeted “I’m not sure that Jeremy is always entirely truthful, you know!” – is now being logged by Our Police, and the full weight of Our Law will be brought to bear against such Far-Right miscreants in future.

Anyway, enough of this shrewd political/legal analysis [Ha!J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! How long have you been Prime Minister for now? Seems like – literally – forever! L. No comment!J.C.]. Here are last week’s tweets. My thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve reused here.

Friday 21st July

Sunday 23rd July

Monday 24th July

Tuesday 25th July

Wednesday 26th July

Thursday 27th July

7 thoughts on “Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 21st-27th July

  1. Letfly. With my new acute plastic visionary devices (thanks to the 350 squillion pounds per hour given to our NHS) I note a lack of contributory readership to your magnificent blogsite. This cannot be due to overwork, despite the trials and tribulations of government, because our esteemed leader is now prime minister (without portfolio). Could it be due to lethargy brought on by excessive summer heat (= global warming)? Blame the vile Tory apparatchiks for that. Possibly its your reliance upon past literary quasi triumphs, relying upon endless repetitions of tat, rather that bright insightful blather we came to, not so much love, as accept.
    Will cooler weather bring back our welsh brethren, our bishop of the Isles, even that slobbery puppy Cheryl?


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  2. The immaculate Derek Pufflet has put the entire collective including Lola Madrigal and the midgets through a very intensive curs of revolutionary socialist theory.
    Little Dimitri whose devotion to the cause is unquestioned is in charge of the fiercest possible discipline.
    Any backsliders are put on starvation rations for a week. Beatings ( theraputic of course ) are common.
    This is to hone the collective for the next stage in it’s revolutionary path towards the perfect society.
    WE hope hourly for the defeat of the loathsome fascist May regime and the ascent to power of the future dear leader our Jeremy ( soon to be replaced by the immaculate Pufflet . We will then infiltrate and take over the moribund labour party and direct it towards the permanent taking of power in the country . I hope this clarifies the position.

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    1. Think of our Mao Tse Tung. We are his disciples and our long march has just begun. First Wales and then to England and London.
      First we take Machynlleth and then London.

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      1. Such ambition – Machynllyth. Think you’re getting your lyrics confused. It’s “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin”

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  3. Hello ‘Lefty’s Friday Selection’: Our Theresa is riding high on stormy waves of a divided Cabinet and a divided Party. The future is bright: Corbyn as PM and an end to neoliberalism’s stranglehold on the British economy and people!


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