Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 4th-13th August

Hello, friends.

And this is going to be my last Blog [HURRAH! J.C. If you read on just a little further, Jeremy, you may find that your rejoicing is a trifle premature!  – L.] for a little while, as I am taking a Hard Blexit and indeed a Hard Twexit for a couple of weeks, during which I shall not be blogging or tweeting at all! Can you – literally – cope, friends? [Cope, Lefty? It’ll be sheer bloody BLISS!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Such ingratitude! And to think that, without all my support, you would – literally – not be Our Prime Minister! – L. No comment! – J.C.]

My next Blog will be on Tuesday 29th August, with another instalment of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hit-ettes from the Far-Right Guardian. And to keep you going till then [Ha!J.C.], here’s my latest selection of tweets. My thanks as ever to everyone whose tweets I’ve reused/mentioned here. NB: As not everyone appears to realise this, please note that you can see all the replies for any tweet here, simply by dint of clicking on it.


Friday 4th August

Saturday 5th August

Sunday 6th August

Monday 7th August

Tuesday 8th August

Wednesday 9th August

Thursday 10th August

Friday 11th August

Saturday 12th August

Sunday 13th August


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