Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 1st-8th September

Hello, friends.

And I expect that you’re all as happy as I am that the Far-Right Mogg has – literally – shot himself in the foot with his vicious remarks about Our Abortions and Our Gay Marriage, aren’t you? That’s his leadership ambitions – literally – up in smoke eh!

Puzzled, friends!

I must admit, friends, that I’m a little puzzled as to why those of us on the Progressive Left are quite so happy that the hated Mogg no longer has any chance of becoming Tory leader, given that, as we all know, he would stand no chance whatsoever of winning a General Election against Jeremy, any more than the hated May managed to in June [Groan!J.C. Oh Jeremy! That wasn’t actually intended to be a pun!L.]. But hey, what do I know? [You said it, Lefty!J.C. No, Jeremy! I *asked* it!L. Pedant!J.C.].

Anyway, enough of this in-depth analysis of recent political trends [Ha!J.C.]. Here’s my latest selection of tweets. My thanks as ever to everyone whose tweets I’ve reused/mentioned here.


Friday 1st September

Saturday 2nd September

Sunday 3rd September

Monday 4th September

Tuesday 5th September

Friday 8th September


7 thoughts on “Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 1st-8th September

  1. As ever, late to this party that never ends.
    Jeremy continues to befuddle the uninitiated with his quicksilver and enigmatic turns of phrase and pace.
    When he said that he was in favour of doing what the British people voted for last year in the Referendum, who was to know that he meant the very opposite?
    And his student fees promise that didn`t survive the return to Dianne Abbotts copious laps and matronly bosoms…her twin necks and double speaking luscious lips?
    Masterly politics from the Grand Master of Chess postures. We have picked a winner…Tony Blair was first to be sincerely in your camp and on your side for as long as he could see you facing him-the next person would feel the same once you`d gone too.

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  2. As ever a joy to pop by here.

    Stay encouraged SOL-hope your subversions bear fruit and keep you encouraged.

    Our Jezza spoke at the TUC and I just KNOW it was brilliant, so good that the BBC failed to give it much mention. So you know it was brill.

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    1. Thank you, Cheryl – good to hear from you as ever! Jeremy’s speech to Our TUC was – literally – stunning, wasn’t it? I agreed with everything he said, whatever it was.

      BTW, I wonder what’s happened to the viciously Hard-Right Singer Beneath Bridges? Is he in hiding, full of shame at his Diane-style countdown misfire the other week, do you think?


      1. When all the young snowflakes melt into irrelevance and dissolve in their own tears, what a joy it is to find mature, reasoned and consensual support for our Jeremy. We stand staunch and true behind ” The Beard of Destiny”, and I, as ever; volunteer my good services in all and any ways that will assure your inevitable triumph.
        Jeremy WON that election with a landslide, and we are beholden to keep on recounting the votes until it`s proved that we won. We really did.

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  3. Splendid “le chanteur sous le pont”.
    Hoping that you`re stopping all those cars racing back into England over the M4 bridge, and getting plenty cash in that bucket as they speed by.
    That border is not mentioned enough-but after Brexit, I do fear smudge faced Welsh people singing their way into our hearts if you and your kind are not defending that border of ours.
    Charlotte Church and Kinnock family members need to stay home so hope you`ll stay awake until March 2019.

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