Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 32: Three Comments (On The Hated May’s Humilation; LIES About Jeremy; and How Labour Can Win) From December 2016

Hello, friends.

And here is yet another instalment of my comments in the Far-Right Guardian! Only four more to go! [Four more too many, in my opinion, Lefty! J.C. Oh Jeremy! Stop being a wet elephant in the room that never forgets that it’s wearing no clothes, and which is in fact a Far-Right Lone Trojan Wolf disguised as a paper tiger that’s hiding behind the bolted stable door in a collapsing house of cards!L. Can’t make head or tail of that, Lefty!J.C. Come to think, Jeremy, nor can I!L.]

Anyway, here are the pieces, all from December last year. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


‘Lonely Theresa May’ video at EU summit is Brexit in a nutshell (16.12.16)

Friends! This video should be compulsory viewing for every single one of the 17,410,742 Hard-Right racists and bigots who viciously voted against Our EU in June!

In addition to all the other disasters which have literally befallen this so-called country – which Thatcher destroyed – in the six months since that literally dark day, this one literally takes the biscuit! The Emergency Budget with its tax rises and spending cuts, the devastated economy, the plunging stockmarket, the literally worthless £, the enormous hike in roaming charges, even World War III … all these appalling consequences – correctly forecast even if not all of them have not yet come to pass (Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet, friends!) – literally pale by comparison with the fact that the hated May was totally shunned by Our EU friends today!

Seeing the Far-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May utterly humiliated by Our EU friends was simultaneously hysterically funny for those of us on the Progressive Left – who are, of course, notorious for our great sense of humour – but also, of course, deeply, deeply tragic for Britain. This country has now become – literally – the laughing stock of the world, and indeed elsewhere!

Needless to say, certain Hard-Right elements are predictably claiming that Our EU friends were being “spiteful and petty”. Nonsense! They were simply behaving as any normal friends do, when their very reasonable orders have been totally disobeyed.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this dreadful situation. The hated May should simply announce that the whole idea of Brexit was the most appalling mistake, and beg Our EU friends for forgiveness. A few token gestures, e.g. increasing our budget contribution by another £10 billion/year or so, should help to soothe the bad feelings; and of course, since as all objective and respected economics experts – i.e. me – have in any case recently produced figures showing that for every £1 we pay in, we get at least £1000 back in terms of economic growth, we would actually gain from this.

So, friends: let us just cancel Hard-Right Brexit, along with all the vicious LIES about spending £350 trillion/day more on Our NHS – another Leave Camp LIE! – and work together with Our EU friends to build A People’s Europe, where all Hard-Right populism will be totally smashed, and all decisions will be made by experts, whose impartiality and accuracy cannot be questioned – or, at least, not without serious consequences for those who question them.


Labour MPs deny Jeremy Corbyn stormed out of Christmas party (18.12.16)

Friends! Claiming that Jeremy “stormed out of a Christmas Party” is just another predictably vicious smear against Jeremy by the – literally – Far-Right Guardian.

Let me set the record – literally – straight.

Nothing of the sort happened, and in any case, it has been – literally – taken totally out of context.


New post-Brexit landscape could squeeze Labour out, warns new report (23.12.16)

Friends! There are four things that Labour must do to regain the support of working people (e.g. students and the unemployed):

1. We must move sharply to the Left. The neoliberal paradigm has utterly failed, and must be replaced with Socialism on the lines of that remarkably successful country, Our Venezuela in which obscene private wealth – indeed, any kind of wealth whatsoever – has been totally abolished.

2. In order to enable 1., we must now – literally – wipe out all the Far-Right Red Tory Traitors – e.g. most of the PLP – who infest our Party, by dint of deselection. (No Right of Appeal can be allowed for these miscreants, as a Party full of appealing people is the last thing we on the Left need at this particular moment in time.)

3. We must campaign whole-heartedly against Hard-Right Brexit, which is opposed not merely by Our 48%, but also by an increasing number of the literally tiny handful of 17,410,742 racist bigots who viciously voted against Our EU in June, but who now realise that all the Leave Campaign’s LIES about (and we all remember that Hard-Right Bus, don’t we, friends?) £350 trillion extra per day for Our NHS – a LIE, friends! – effectively immediately from June 24th, was actually a great big LIE, and who would now switch their vote to Remain.

4. Above all, friends, we must remember that the Labour Party is bigger than any of us – even me – and it is only by courageously implementing in full my very wise proposals here that Labour can ensure a landslide election result, whenever the cowardly Bullingdon Bully Boy May dares to call it!

Lefty’s Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 25th-28th October

Hello, friends.

And here’s my latest batch of tweets and Quick Summaries, which takes us up to and including Saturday (yesterday) – as mentioned in my previous blog, the larger size of my tweets (as a result of my using screenshots) means that I shall issue these compilations more frequently in future, so that they don’t become excessively lengthy, especially as the daily Quick Summaries can be as long as 260 words each!

Anyway, here they are. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


Wednesday 25th October

Thursday 26th October

Friday 27th October

Saturday 28th October


Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 20th-24th October

Hello, friends.

And, as some of my more eagle-eyed readers [Ha! J.C. Oh Jeremy! I’ve only written 11 words, and you’re already butting in with your literally snide remarks! Get back to your Prime Ministerial duties!L.] may have already noticed, I’ve recently started to use screenshots of tweets I’m mentioning. And this is the first Blog in which I’m only using screenshots, which means that you can now see what my tweets refer to without ever again needing to click on some Hard-Right link!

There are a few other advantages, too: notably, that when people delete their tweets or their accounts (both of which happen remarkably frequently), their tweets can still be read here! Also, if you are one of those people who have been viciously blocked by a particular tweeter, you can now read their tweet here!

Downside, friends!

The only downside is that, as a result, my tweets are taking up a lot more space, which means that a Blog covering a week’s worth of tweets is going to be far too long. My first thought was to spin-off the Quick Summaries of articles in to a separate Blog, but have now decided it’s too much work not the ideal solution. Instead, I shall simply publish this Blog more frequently [Arrggghhhh!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t take on so! It’s not as though you actually have to read it! – L.] – possibly as often as twice a week, although hopefully more like every 4 or 5 days.

Anyway, here’s the latest selection, which takes us up to last Tuesday (another selection will be published on Sunday or Monday, which will bring us up to date):


Friday 20th October

Saturday 21st October

Sunday 22 October

Monday 23 October

Tuesday 24th October

Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 31: Two Comments (On The Disappointing Fall In Unemployment After The Brexit Vote; and Why Jeremy Is Easily The Best Leader Labour Has Got) From December 2016

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to the latest instalment of my comments in the Far-Right Guardian – only five more editions to go after this one! [Thank heavens for small mercies eh, Lefty! Personally, I can’t wait to see the back of this load of recycled garbage!J.C. Oh Jeremy! You obviously – literally – got out of the wrong side of your bed this morning! Not a good thing for Our Prime Minister to do!L.]

And whereas the first piece seems to illustrate that the arguments over the economic effects of Brexit haven’t changed much in the last 10 months, the second takes us back to those seemingly far-off days when Jeremy was under threat from various Hard-Right elements, e.g. much of the Labour Party! And if anyone had told me then that, just a few months later, he’d have won a General Election and become Our Prime Minister, I – literally – wouldn’t have believed them!

Anyway, enough of all this in-depth analysis of the vicissitudes of contemporary politics. [Ha!J.C.] Here’s the latest instalment of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hit-ettes. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


UK employment falls in months after Brexit vote (14.12.16)

Friends! I know that many of you will be as – literally – heartbroken as I am that unemployment is continuing to fall, and that pay growth is picking up!

But, as Our George has so wisely remarked elsewhere in the Guardian, we must not despair! Brexit hasn’t happened yet, and there are ample grounds for hoping that things will soon get much, much worse – and maybe even sooner than any of us on the Progressive Left dare to hope!

One very encouraging factor is that economists generally have had such an impressive run of making consistently wrong predictions, e.g. being in favour of Britain joining the ERM; predicting disaster if Britain left the ERM; in favour of Britain joining the Euro; predicting disaster if Britain failed to join the Euro; failing to predict the Great Crash; failing to predict that interest rates would remain low for as long as they have; incorrectly predicting a sharp economic downturn in the aftermath of a vote for Brexit … the list is practically endless!

And so the reason that we on the Progressive Left should be of good cheer is that, with any luck, these economists, having been wrong about so many issues for so long, may actually turn out to be correct in their predictions of rising unemployment in 2017!

And if you doubt this, just consider this important point. These economists can’t continue to be wrong indefinitely, surely? Just on statistical grounds alone, there must be a very good chance that, after producing such an impressively consistent run of totally incorrect predictions, they must finally be right this time.

So, friends, please do not despair! Bad times are – literally – just round the corner in Far-Right Austerity Britain, and when they arrive – which, hopefully, will be sooner rather than later – those of us on the Progressive Left must be ready to blame them on Hard-Right Brexit, whether it has actually happened or not!

Stay strong, friends, and please try not to let any positive economic news – literally – get you down. Remember, this is vicious Tory Britain where literally millions of people are working 95-hour weeks on Zero-Hour Contracts, being forced to read the Fascist Daily Mail in Hard-Right Foodbanks, while the hated Bullingdon Bully Boy May sadistically quaffs champagne whilst burning £50 notes in front of them.

It is definitely not a Socialist Paradise like Our Venezuela.


Jeremy Corbyn blames leadership contest for low poll ratings (14.12.16)

Friends! This is yet another desperate attempt by the Far-Right Guardian to smear Jeremy, by viciously quoting his comments from an interview in that notoriously Hard-Right rag, the so-called New Statesman!

But such smears will – literally – not stick because, despite the non-stop attacks made on Jeremy by a tiny majority of Far-Right elements, e.g. most of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Jeremy’s popularity just grows and grows amongst the Party membership!

Never forget, friends, that Jeremy was re-elected by 300,000 odd people in September, literally smashing the Hard-Right Red Tory Traitor, the widely-unknown, widely-hated Far-Right racist neoliberal Owen Jones (or was it Smith, friends? I literally can’t remember!), who was literally crushed by the sheer weight of votes against him, many of which were – so I am reliably informed – cast by Tories and Kippers, such was the depth of Jeremy’s popular appeal!

And yet, at a time when this totally unelected Tory Government is literally destroying Our NHS, Our BBC, Our EU and many other institutions which are cherished by those of us on the Progressive Left, these self-same Hard-Right elements claim that “Jeremy simply isn’t up to the job”!

What planet do these people live on? Certainly not the one I inhabit, friends! Because, in the view of most respected, objective and heavyweight commentators, i.e. me, Jeremy is literally the best Labour Leader that the Labour Party has as its Leader, and is easily the most popular!

Let us stop fighting each other just for once, friends, and – literally – turn our fire on the Tories! The electorate will never forgive us if we allow this totally unelected Tory Government to be re-elected, which would destroy everything that we on the Progressive Left hold dear, e.g. Our EU, which is the envy of the world, and indeed elsewhere.

And – please – let us now allow Jeremy to continue with the remarkable work that he has carried out over the past 15 months as Labour Leader, which most fair-minded people without an axe to grind would surely agree has – literally – transformed the Labour Party’s image, along with its electoral prospects.



Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 15th-20th October

Hello, friends.

And I’m sure you’re all as happy as I am that Our Police have finally decided to stop persecuting Our Criminals – who, after all, friends, are only trying to make a living by going about their unlawful business – and instead go after Hard-Right Haters, e.g. Brexit voters, instead!

Hate, friends!

I hate haters, don’t you, friends? Their literally toxic, hate-filled hatred is – literally – hateful, and I – literally – hate it. And it really must be stopped – and fast!

Thatcher, friends!

So, if you spot any of these despicable, hateful haters spouting hatred – e.g. “I don’t trust Corbyn”, “Maybe unlimited immigration isn’t always a completely unalloyed benefit?”, or even “Say what you want about Thatcher, she actually said what she thought!” – please don’t hesitate to report them to Our Police who, now they’ve been relieved of the burden of investigating unimportant and trivial incidents – burglary, arson, assault, murder, rape, terrorism etc. – are now able to devote all their time to investigating really important crimes, such as people’s Far-Right opinions.

And please never forget this important fact, friends: A Hate Crime is always a Hate Crime, irrespective of whether it has actually happened or not.

In-depth analysis, friends!

Anyway, enough of this in-depth analysis [Ha!J.C.] of the – literally – tidal wave of Hate Crime that is engulfing this so-called society of ours, which Thatcher destroyed. Here’s my latest batch of tweets and Quick Summaries. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned here, and to those good people who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be read here, by dint of simply clicking on the tweet in question!


Sunday 15th October

Monday 16th October

Tuesday 17th October

Wednesday 18th October

Thursday 19th October

Friday 20th October

Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 30: Three Comments (On The Literally Fascist McDonald’s; Labour’s Great Byelection Victory In Sleaford; and Tory Divisions) From December 2016

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all as pleased as I am by the news that Labour is going to vote against a “no-deal Brexit”, aren’t you, friends?

How heartening that, instead of backing Tory Brexit, Labour is now taking a totally principled stance of total opposition to its own Far-Right Election pledge to “support Brexit”. Which, by the way, was not a firm pledge because (1) it was not preceded by the word “Let’s”, nor (2) was it emblazoned on the side of a viciously Hard-Right and reactionary omnibus, which is the only sort of pledge that should be taken seriously.

Anyway, enough of this typically shrewd and in-depth analysis of the current political scene [Ha!J.C. Shush, Jeremy!L.]. Here’s the latest instalment of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hit-ettes. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


No country with a McDonald’s can remain a democracy (article by George Monbiot, 6.12.16)

Well said, George. I – literally – couldn’t have put it better myself, which is why I didn’t.

Friends! George has very wisely pointed out that – and I quote his words exactly, so that they cannot be twisted by Far-Right elements and used against him in future – “no country with a McDonald’s can remain a democracy”. And, of course, it logically follows from this that – and here I quote a totally reliable source that cannot be questioned, i.e. myself – “Only countries without a McDonald’s can be truly democratic.

Fortunately, there are plenty of examples of such countries. Here are just a few: Our Cuba, Our Venezuela, Our North Korea, and Our Zimbabwe, all of which are as democratic as they are prosperous, and whose respect for human rights and individual freedom – which are in any case, friends, bourgeois irrelevancies – is notorious.

Of course, friends, not having McDonalds in a country does not, in itself, guarantee true democracy, e.g. the Hard-Right neoliberal racist Iceland, whose vicious refusal to join Our EU last year literally condemns it to the kind of hell that Britain will experience if Our Judges are unable to block totally illegal Hard-Right and undemocratic Brexit.

Nonetheless, banning the widely-hated McDonalds is an essential first step to achieving the sort of Socialist paradise that we on the Progressive Left wish to build, where people are not literally forced against their will to eat at the wildly unpopular McDonalds, as they are in Fascist Britain, which Thatcher totally destroyed.


Sleaford byelection: Caroline Johnson holds seat for Conservatives (9.12.16)

Friends! The Sleaford byelection result is actually very encouraging for Labour, despite attempts by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled monopoly media, e.g. the so-called internet, to viciously claim otherwise!

If anyone doubts this, consider this:

In last week’s Hard-Right Richmond Park byelection, Labour won 1,515 votes – actually a pretty respectable result in a constituency that is – literally – 100% composed of 1%ers and Banksters.

Whereas, in the Far-Right Sleaford byelection, where practically all the voters are – literally – racist bigots, we won a full 3,363 votes!

That means our vote has more than doubled in a week!

And yet Hard-Right elements STILL claim that “Labour isn’t popular”! Talk about deluded!

Some people are going to – literally – get a shock when the next General Election results come through!


Labour’s woes dominated 2016, but Tory divisions are the real story (article by Owen Jones, 13.12.16)

Friends! Owen is – literally – correct.

While the Tories have been literally tearing themselves apart over Hard-Right Brexit, Labour under Jeremy has been quietly putting together some first-rate policies that will – literally – shake the Hard-Right neoliberal racist paradigm to its very foundations!

The key to all our Progressive Left policies is, of course, money – literally, lots of it. Because, as we all know, there is literally no problem in our so-called society – which, never let it be forgotten, friends, Thatcher first denied the existence of, and then totally destroyed – that cannot be solved by the application of sufficiently large quantities of cash.

Far-Right elements, e.g. the Hard-Right Liam Byrne, predictably claim at this point that “there is no money”. Talk about deluded! As all respected, objective and heavyweight economists, i.e. me, have never tired of pointing out, we can print as much as we need, in – literally – a matter of minutes!

And if by any chance, there’s still a shortfall, we can tax the Banksters and the 1%, e.g. the hated Blair!

Only by doing this, friends, can we emulate that great Socialist paradise, Our Venezuela, where obscene wealth – indeed, any form of wealth whatsoever – has been totally banished. Despite a few minor transitional problems, e.g. food and medicine shortages, no toilet paper, power cuts – which, friends, of course have the benefit of helping to combat Climate Change – galloping inflation, sporadic looting etc., which in any case have all been caused by the Americans – i.e. the Far-Right neoliberal puppet, Obama – this is a society with huge social solidarity, which is the envy of the world, and indeed elsewhere.

And until we have built Our Venezuela in Britain’s viciously Hard-Right and unpleasant land, those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, despite the tragic passing of Our Fidel – will continually be revolting!

Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 5th-15th October

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to this latest selection of tweets and Quick Summaries of (mostly) newspaper articles; although I do occasionally summarise articles from blogs, e.g. the Far-Right Labour List, and Our Independent.

My thanks as ever to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned here, and to those good people who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be read here, by dint of simply clicking on the tweet in question!


Thursday 5th October

Tuesday 10th October

Wednesday 11th October

Thursday 12th October

Friday 13th October

Saturday 14th October

Sunday 15th October

Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 29: Four Comments (On Our Hillary’s Great Victory; Our Snowflakes; Our Labour; and The – Literally – Fascist Tories) From November & December 2016

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all as pleased as I am that Our Met Police have now come up with a new, kinder and gentler way of describing Our Terrorist Attacks, aren’t you, friends?

Not merely can we now refer to terrorist vehicle attacks incidents as “Our Traffic Collisions”, but even 9/11 can now be renamed as “those unfortunate incidents collisions between planes and buildings/ground, which in any case were all meticulously planned and carried out by that incredibly stupid, yet incredibly cunning, Hard-Right neocon, George W. Bush”.

Anyway, enough of all this in-depth analysis of the root causes of Our Terrorism Incidents, friends. Here’s the latest instalment of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hit-ettes. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


Hillary Clinton urged to call for election vote recount in battleground states (23.11.16)

Friends! According to figures compiled by some of the world’s most respected and trusted polling experts, i.e. me, Our Hillary won the Presidential Election by a margin of at least three billion votes!

And yet Hard-Right elements still viciously claim that “Trump won”! Is there literally no end to their literally deluded opinions, which fly in the face of all psephological evidence?

No wonder that those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, e.g. us – are literally revolting!


‘Poor little snowflake’ – the defining insult of 2016 (28.11.16)

Friends! Use of the term “snowflakes” as a way of describing those of us on the Progressive Left – with all of its pejorative overtones, implying that we are somehow a bunch of thin-skinned, easily-offended Leftist hypocrites who can dish it out, but simply can’t take it – is actually incredibly offensive.

And therefore, any use of the term is quite simply, Hate Speech, and should be banned immediately.


EU chief criticises UK’s Brexit stance, telling MPs their argument has ‘nothing to do with reality’ – Politics live (29.11.16)

Friends! While on the face of it, a 16-point lead for the widely-hated Tories may seem a little disappointing for those of us on the Progressive Left, who literally yearn for a kinder, gentler country – run, naturally, on the lines of that remarkably successful Socialist country, Our Venezuela – we must not literally despair!

Instead, we must take a long, hard look at ourselves, and decide where we may have possibly gone wrong.

Don’t bother, friends!

Fortunately, friends, you do not need to bother to do this, because I have done it for you! And after a great deal of research, using figures which I have carefully made up from many reliable and respected sources, e.g. me, I have reached the following conclusions:

1. Labour is still far too Right-wing for the British people. We know that because, if we were offering a genuinely Socialist alternative to this totally unelected Tory Government, our poll ratings would improve to not far short of where they were under Ed Miliband’s leadership, with a correspondingly greater improvement in our electoral fortunes come the next General Election.

2. Opinion polls are, in any case, nothing more than neoliberal tools of the 1% and Banksters, and cannot be trusted. Only last year, for instance, it looked as though Our Ed was going to cruise to victory in the totally rigged General Election, right up until the Hard-Right Exit Poll was viciously published at 10pm on Election Night, at which point all of us on the Progressive Left realised that we had made a literally fatal mistake in picking the Far-Right Red Tory Traitor Miliband as Leader, as proved by the fact that millions of Labour voters, disgusted by his fervently Hard-Right neoliberalism, decided to vote for UKIP and the Tories in protest.

3. Most important of all, friends, those of us on the Progressive Left now need to listen extremely carefully to working people, in order to hear all of their concerns and fears for the future.

It is only by doing this, friends, that we can understand what they are thinking, and thereby put their minds at rest by explaining to them exactly how and why they are wrong.


And let us be of good cheer, friends! As I was so wisely saying as recently as back in 2010, it is surely only a matter of time before people get totally sick of this evil, cruel, widely-hated, totally unelected Tory Government, with its vicious Bedroom Taxes, its compulsory Foodbanks, and its literally nasty and sadistic attempts to oppose Far-Right Austerity on some of the weakest and most vulnerable people in our so-called society – which Thatcher totally destroyed – e.g. Our President Juncker, who would be a far, far better leader of this country than the totally unelected Bullingdon Bully Boy May, who is easily the worst Prime Minister this country has had since the totally unelected Camoron.

No wonder, friends, that those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, even if our ranks have been slightly depleted recently with the tragic passing of Our Fidel – are literally revolting!


In their ruthless flight from liberalism, Tories have left decency behind (article by Zoe Williams, 5.12.16)

Well said, Zoe. I agree with everything you said, whatever it was.

One thing puzzles me, friends. Given the – literally – unbelievable quality of articles such as this, why is the Guardian in difficulties? Or is this a Hard-Right lie being peddled by the Far-Right Murdoch-controlled Monopoly Media, e.g. the so-called BBC?

Lefty’s Thursday Selection Of Tweets, 29th September-5th October

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to the latest exciting [Ha!J.C. Oh Jeremy! You are such a literally wet blanket at times! – L.] selection of tweets, which is appearing a day earlier than usual this week, as I shall not be tweeting for the next four days. [Ah, some good news then, eh Lefty!J.C. Oh Jeremy! Do you get some kind of sick, perverted and twisted kick out of constantly denigrating me like this?L. Yes.J.C.]

My thanks as ever to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned here (including the anti-Brexit March lady, who has viciously blocked me!) and to those good people who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be read here, by dint of simply clicking on the tweet in question!


Friday 29th September

Saturday 30th September

Sunday 1st October

Monday 2nd October

Tuesday 3rd October

Wednesday 4th October

Thursday 5th October

Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 28: Three Comments (On Laughing At The Hated Trump; Our Inflation (Due To Brexit); and Our EU Budget) From November 2016

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to the latest instalment of Saveed Miliband’s Greatest Hit-ettes which, even though written nearly a year ago, all seem curiously pertinent today!

For connoisseurs of these pieces, the last comment (on Our EU budget) contains the very first appearance of one of Jeremy’s interjections [Groan! J.C. Indeed, Jeremy – that’s exactly what you said!L.] in one of my Guardian comments. And if anyone had told me then that, seven short months later, Jeremy would be Our Prime Minister, I – literally – wouldn’t have believed them!

Anyway, here are the comments.  As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


Laughing through the pain: comics on how to handle a Trump presidency (13.11.16)

Friends! Those of us on the Progressive Left have always been notorious for our wonderful sense of humour, which is matched only by our modesty!

But with the literally endless list of targets that the Right provide us with, we hardly even need to make up jokes about them! Just a few key words, e.g. “Trump!”, “Farage!”, “Brexit!”, “Banksters!”, “Racists!”, “Tories!”, “UKIP!” and – best of all, obviously – “Thatcher!”, are enough to literally split the sides of the average Radio 4 comedy programme audience member! (No wonder that Radio 4 comedy programmes enjoy the sort of reputation and global appeal that they have today, eh, friends!)

Almost needless to say, Left-wing comedy is also a profoundly radicalising and subversive force, and one which must surely explain at least in part the amount of electoral success that we on the Left have had in the UK over the past few years. So that’s another benefit!

Of course, friends, the fact that Right-wingers are unable to appreciate the sheer dazzling wit of Left-wing comedians, simply underlines their total lack of any sense of humour.

We, after all, can – and always do – laugh at them. Why can’t they do the same?


Mark Carney: central banks not to blame for rising inequality – as it happened (15.11.16)

Friends! Naturally, the news that UK inflation dropped to 0.9% in October is somewhat disappointing to those of us in the Remain Camp, who were naturally hoping for much better news than this.

Nonetheless, there is every reason for believing that this slight drop is indeed no more than a “blip”, and that this disappointing figure will soon be forgotten when, hopefully, much, much higher inflation literally takes root next year.

There are good reasons for optimism on this front, since as everyone apart from a few blinkered Leavers now acknowledges, the so-called £ is now literally worthless, following the sickening and disgraceful behaviour of a tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots and racists who viciously voted against Our EU in June, and who represent absolutely nobody but themselves.

And this means that inflation is going to go – literally – through the roof! Hopefully it will be in double digits by the Spring, and accelerating from there throughout the rest of next year, at which point surely all but the most die-hard Fascist Leavers will acknowledge that their vote to Leave Our EU was utterly misguided, especially as by then all the other Remain Camp warnings – e.g. total economic collapse, World War III, accelerating Climate Change, higher roaming charges and the looming prospect of redundancies in Our Brussels – will have literally come true with a vengeance.

And to think that Hard-Right Leavers claimed that all our warnings were “just scare stories to frighten people in to voting Remain”! That was just another Leave Camp LIE, like their shameless “we’ll spend £350 billion per minute extra on Our NHS from 24th June onwards in the event of a Leave vote” LIE! Honestly, the dishonesty of these people – literally – gets my goat!


UK will have EU bills after Brexit, German finance minister says (18.11.16)

Friends! The German finance minister’s claim that

Britain would face EU budget bills for more than a decade even after severing political ties with the bloc

is utterly appalling!

Why for only a decade or so? It should be for far, far longer than that!

Even if, as certain deranged Hard-Right Leaver elements ludicrously claim, Our EU were to completely collapse – which, friends, is about as likely as Jeremy failing to win the next Election – that would surely be no reason for Britain not to keep on paying in!

Our EU is, after all, about a lot more than just money, friends! It’s about Friendship! Co-operation! Fighting Far-Right Climate Change! Totally crushing all Haters, e.g. the vicious Hard-Right Trump and bigoted racist Brexiters! Upholding Freedom and Tolerance, and totally smashing those who would stand in its way! And lots more besides!

And because Our EU is about far more than money, it is surely only fair that Britain should not merely continue to pay in its existing contributions – miserly and paltry as they are – but should actually pay far, far more for the privilege of non-EU membership!

It is just typical of this totally unelected Tory Government that they should, in pursuit of reckless Far-Right Austerity, attack some of the weakest and vulnerable members of Our EU, e.g. Our EU Commissioners and Our President Juncker, who are literally unable to fight back!

Fortunately, though, friends, we on the Progressive Left are here to fight on their behalf! Let us have a Mass March against the sadistic Bullingdon Bully Boy May’s vicious attacks on Our EU Budget!

That, surely, would be the clearest demonstration [Groan!J.C.] yet that those of us on the Progressive Left are, despite a few recent minor setbacks, e.g. vicious Hard-Right Brexit and Far-Right Trumpery, still – literally – revolting!