Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 36 (Final Part Of Series): My Comment On A Disappointing Drop In Unemployment, Despite Brexit, From January 2017. Plus: Links For Parts 1-35 Of This Series

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you all on this rather wet and windy day, which is clearly just the latest manifestation of dangerous Climate Change which, as 97% of Our Climate Scientists never tire of pointing out, has – literally – nothing to do with weather.

Today also marks the final article in this series of my comments in the Far-Right Guardian, which started back in January this year (my series, that is, not the Far-Right Guardian)! What a lot has changed since then, eh, friends! If I’d told you back in January that the hated May would call a General Election for June 8th which Labour would easily win, and that consequently Jeremy would now be Our Prime Minister, I suspect that most of you would have – literally – not believed me!

Anyway, here’s my final piece. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under it.

[PS: In case any of you are interested in reading/revisiting any of the previous blogs in this series, I’ve put links to all of them below the main piece.]


UK labour market shows signs of slowing (18.1.17)

Friends! The news that wage growth picked up and unemployment fell in the three months ending November is obviously pretty disappointing for those of us in the Remain Camp – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, as we are the 48%, whose numbers are actually growing literally every single day – who had naturally hoped for much worse news than that.

Predictably, certain Hard-Right Leaver elements are now claiming that we in the Remain Camp have “broken our promises” regarding our forecasts of a sharp economic downturn as an immediate result of a vote for Brexit.

This is, of course, nonsense. Our predictions of economic collapse were merely an aspiration, not a firm forecast. Naturally, we are disappointed that we have not yet seen our hopes of disaster fulfilled, but there are solid grounds for believing that, with just a little bit of luck, the UK economy will soon – literally – hit the rocks!

Hard-Right Leavers are also predictably using the totally spurious argument that all the experts that we on the Remain side cite for our case have been wrong in the past – e.g. in favour of Britain joining the ERM; predicting disaster if Britain left the ERM; in favour of Britain joining the Euro; predicting disaster if Britain failed to join the Euro; failing to predict the Great Crash; failing to predict that interest rates would remain low for as long as they have; and, most recently, that the British economy would experience a severe downturn in the immediate aftermath of a Leave vote.

Friends, this is no argument at all! First of all, experts are experts, and whether their predictions turn out to be correct or not surely does not detract from this in any way whatsoever. Expecting experts to be right all of the time – or indeed, any of the time – is totally unreasonable. Their job is to make predictions, not to be right, friends!

And secondly, friends, the fact that the experts have been wrong about all these issues for so long surely means that, regarding their prediction of economic calamity in the event of Hard Brexit, they must almost certainly be right. They can’t continue to be wrong indefinitely, surely? Just on statistical grounds alone, there must be a very good chance that, after producing such an impressively consistent run of totally incorrect predictions, their prediction of economic Armageddon as a result of Hard Brexit must be correct.

So, friends, please do not despair! Bad times are – literally – just round the corner in Far-Right Austerity Britain, and when they arrive – which, hopefully, will be sooner rather than later – those of us on the Progressive Left must be ready to blame them on Hard-Right Brexit, whether it has actually happened or not!

That is, after all, friends, just the sort of positive, upbeat, forward thinking which has got Britain’s Progressive Left to where it – literally – is today.


Links for previous blogs in this series, 1-35



25 thoughts on “Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 36 (Final Part Of Series): My Comment On A Disappointing Drop In Unemployment, Despite Brexit, From January 2017. Plus: Links For Parts 1-35 Of This Series

  1. They’ve all been – literally – destroyed by Cliff-Edge Tory Austerity, Friend Singer.

    Which means there’s – literally – only you and me left. [Groan! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! That wasn’t even supposed to be a pun! – L.]


  2. Not so fast revanchist purge ready hard right neo fascist dregs of humanity.
    Little Dimitri is fully vindicated in his ‘ abduction’.
    Bolshevism needs fervour and he has it in spades.
    We might need to purge Lefty himself.
    As for Brexit please ignore it as only the inevitable triumph of the proletariat matters .Juncker and May are class enemies both and our Lola Madrigal is as we write training her midgets to bring them before revolutionary courts for conviction and condemntion.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Who do you think you are you Two Tydvillian tiddlers? Think you can insult me with impunity by calling me “humanity”? Wish I’d kept my were-ferrets.
    BTW the pitiful remnants of the Jeremy statue, rather worse for ware, are in my safe-keeping. Well actually not so safe, locals use it for target practice and say it scares the cats.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We can and will insult any non Bolshevik . As for the now hard right Jeremy’s remains in your possession please dispose of them as you wish.
      Our Jeremy is a class enemy now. Little Dimitri has had to employ a personal bodyguard. Too many hard rightists everywhere . He likes to be known as Dodgy Bob and is even more ruthless than Lola M.
      She for her part is much enamoured of him and together they will ensure that purges are efficiently carried out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dodgy Bob? Referring to Dimetri’s flamboyant hairstyle or his losses of party funds on the gee-gees?
        Thanks for the statue. Collered a mighty sum by selling it to the Candlemakers Union, who are looking to raise their profile.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I`m ecstatic that my boys here at this site continue to debate the grand issues of our time under the manly tutelage of Sir Lefty.
    Oh to be alive at such a time as the hated May Queen slithers away and Polly Toynbee finally enters stage left in this Open Prison Panto.
    Clearly Singer will play the lute and do his Jester role to perfection as our Welshmen take up either end of the pantomine horse.
    Sir Lefty is surely all the Great Roles into one-Aladdin meets the Green Cross Code Man meets Nelson Mandela.
    I simply am here to audition and will serve in any and every capacity, knowing that this seasons panto will be preserved for all the ages to come.
    Been a great year for the left as we won the election and turned Brexit into reverse. And Leftys series of tweets document our triumph, so thank you sir!

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  5. Cherry Babes, I do hope the shirt sleeves are not tied around your back too tightly. You can only be the panto Goose if you stop shouting “We won – you maternal lovers [translation]”. The other “guests” are concerned”.

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  6. Last year I was “Mother Goose” at the Redhill Hippodrome.
    Am going “gender neutral” this year to mirror the current fads.
    So am going to play the bearded giant, somewhere local- maybe Reigate, they`re ready for that.
    Ho hum, I smell the blood of assorted Tories who failed to respond to our wishes not to stand in any more elections…still working on the hexameters here, but as long as Tories lie bleeding, and we Lefties are triumphant.
    Like in June.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks, Cheryl! A very Happy New Year to you and all my reader [Sic! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! The New Year is only a few hours old, and you’re already using Hard-Right Latinisms! Kindly decease! – L. “Desist”, surely, Lefty? Your comments wouldn’t be the same without my little interjections! – J.C. No comment! – L.].


  8. It`s a privilege to be bearing witness to the internal dialogue that goes on in your head as you mind-manage our puppet Corbyn. It`s as if you were both Stalin and Lenin in your head, as the rest of us marvel at your coming reign of 80 years or so.
    The Latinista Code is aimed at us girls by the way, Corbyns significant other life partner was once my tango teacher in Stoke Newington before she hit “the big time”-as we used to call Diane Abbott!
    Ricky Martin, West Side Story. Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estafan/Escobar? Merengues, rumbas and Sandinista coffee?….another world, but one only for the sensual and revolutionary. Quite seedy and dodgy in the barrios of Highgate and Cheltenham Spa-but “Vaya Con Dios” as me and my sexy former husband Alan Milburn sang with our milkman Tim back in 1973.
    Whatever happened to them then?

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  9. It`s a Springtime scenario for ALL of Corbyns Cultural Red Guard. As you sleep Singer, the revolution grows apace in all of our hands and under our feet.
    The Revolution never sleeps. Do wonder if we`re getting the calibre of implanted zealot that we used to do.

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  10. I continue to come by this monument to Lefty Brilliance, like a young and rather glamorous widow pining for the return of her warrior husband, seemingly lost in the fog of Tory cuts and austerities caused by them. I look rather good in black though, but it does get cold. Still I warm my hands by the tealight of destiny and light a Virginia Slims in the fading light as I caress a pansy, and dream of the return of my boys from the front.
    I pine for you all, knowing that you`re fighting on the front with Guardian online, with Tory Fascists shoplifting from the foodbanks and then mugging our NHS angels by the eco-friendly half lamps.
    I tenderly clasp the reddest of red roses for you men, fervently heaving and keening for your safe return to these shores. And pledge to keep attending this Monument to the Fallen Men who refuse to yield to the Tory Nazis.
    I also am a fallen woman in my way, and will only surrender to my boys at this site. I know my place is at your sides, come home boys and let this vigil of mine end. The local Blunkett bobby seems to think I`m on the game or something, and they want me to feature in some tolerance workshop at £350 a day. NO!

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  11. That can`t be good for the figure Singer.
    But at least I now know what to serve my boys after they`re done doing that wearing Durham Miners Gala in July.
    Will cut all those freshly ironed banners up into chintzy squares(with the crusts off, that`ll be the edging?) and serve a Hamas Hummus with a sweet sticky home made fig/date spread with low sugar added.
    And all washed down with some freshly pressed elderflower cordial, instead of all that horrid beer they tend to swill the stotties and mince pies with.
    So thanks Singer-we might be Revolutionary Agents-but there`s no reason why the Durham Miners can`t look after their cholesterol and waistlines is there?
    I`ll tell them that it was YOUR directive, I only do what my men tell me.

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  12. Lot of people seem to have deserted the post, just at the very time we need our Beloved Leader to guide and steer us to victory.
    I`m currently infiltrating all manner of lefty vehicles, and need steering.
    Am I for plastic or not? Do we want Trump to reopen Grenfell Towers or not?
    Does my black microskirt with a sour and disdaining look mean that I`m showing solidarity with Meryl Lynch-Stropp , or wilfully setting myself as a hate figure for The Eagleburgers , Eagles or Doobie Brothers-let alone the Eagles of Newest Labour(Angela and Marie)?
    No answers needed, but my turkey basting parents brought me up to hate the Toriz.
    And Theresa May is my only role model at the moment, lord help us all.
    Hope SOL is still leading us onto the Guardian website. These are cold and lonely months without his eternal genius and courageous comedy.
    Springtime for Nigel. Is that the best I can sing in at Lowestoft Poly Pier in summer?

    Liked by 1 person

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