Selection Of Sir Leftski’s Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 7th-12th January

Hello, friends.

And I expect that you’re all as thrilled as I am that the Far-Right Trump has viciously cancelled his trip to Britain next month, aren’t you?

The only disappointment for me is that it means I shall have to cancel my Mass March against the hated Trump, which many, many people – e.g. me – were expected to attend, in a carefully-planned and totally spontaneous outburst of outrage against all the vile, dreadful and appalling things he’s done, whatever they were.

Hey ho, friends! This is just one cross that we on the Progressive Left will – literally – have to bear! Anyway, here’s my latest selection of tweets. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


Sunday 7th January

Monday 8th January

Tuesday 9th January

Wednesday 10th January

Thursday 11th January

Friday 12th January


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