Selection Of Sir Lefty’s Tweets, 27th September-5th October

Hello, friends.

And what a lovely surprise to see that the latest Hard-Right YouGov poll is giving the Tories a miserable, derisory 6pt lead, isn’t it, friends? Talk about Our Labour Conference Bounce eh!

Totally predictably, of course, Far-Right elements – e.g. Kate Hoey – claim that this sort of poll rating “is not entirely encouraging for Labour”! But they ignore the fact that, when the Hard-Right May called last year’s General Election, the Tories were 22pts ahead, and yet on polling day that gap was reduced to just over 2pts. So if one applies this ‘adjustment’ to the YouGov poll, this means that Labour is set to win the next election by nearly 14pts! Talk about a – literally – unbelievable achievement!

Anyway, that’s enough of my in-depth analysis [Ha! – J.C. Shush, Jeremy! – L.] of the latest psephological trends. Here’s my latest selection of tweets. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


Thursday 27th September

Tuesday 2nd October

Wednesday 3rd October

Thursday 4th October

Friday 5th October

2 thoughts on “Selection Of Sir Lefty’s Tweets, 27th September-5th October

  1. A Blog Roll of Honour
    Until I was allowed this option of following your character, I would have to blag a read of The Species “week in view”.
    Made me very popular in the check out queue🤭
    Dry as dust, now THIS I can live with!
    Now Surlefti.
    What is to be the word on Brett as well as the Peanut Pretty cases this week? How do I allocate weight of blame to Brexitrump? Toricutz? Osteritikutz? And how does the Corbananas march through our institutions soon as, allow me to argue your positions? I’m your Kelly Anne in weighting!

    Liked by 1 person

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