Lefty’s Winterval Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 15th-23rd December

Hello, friends.

And here’s my final selection of tweets and quick summaries for this year!

And what a year it’s been, eh friends! Jeremy’s – literally – unbelievable victory in June’s General Election, against all the odds, was obviously the highlight! But there were many, many other truly unforgettable moments; and we on the Progressive Left will – literally – never, ever forget them, whatever they were.

Good Winterval, friends!

I’d like to take the opportunity here to wish you all a Merry Christmas good Winterval, and a Happy New Year, despite Cliff-Edge Brexit and Far-Right Tory Austerity, e.g. spending £500bn on the new racist blue passports, which literally nobody wants, apart from a tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots, who only voted for Brexit because of all the LIES they saw on the side of a Far-Right Russian omnibus! [It’s £500 million, surely, Lefty? – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be such a pedant! £500bn, £500 million – what’s the difference? – L. Quite a lot, surely, Lefty! And in any case, wouldn’t the cost have arisen anyway, as the existing passport contract has run out? – J.C.  Really, Jeremy! At times like this, I almost begin to wonder whether your commitment to Our EU is as full-hearted as Our Students believe it is! – L. No comment! – J.C.]

Anyway, here are the tweets. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


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Lefty’s Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 10th-15th December

Hello, friends.

And I expect that you’re all as – literally – over the moon as I am by the news that  Our Tory Rebel MP heroes have – literally – scuppered Cliff-Edge Brexit by voting on Our Amendment to enable Parliament to have a meaningful vote to overturn Brexit on Our EU Deal!

And as I’ve been shrewdly predicting ever since June 24th last year, this is – literally – the final nail in the coffin for Brexit, which literally nobody voted for, apart from a tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigots and racists, who in any case didn’t know what they were voting for, i.e. a certain Hard-Right omnibus which was literally emblazoned with Leaver LIES firmly promising that – and here I quote exactly what I clearly remember it saying – “If Leave wins the Referendum on 23.6.16, then from 24.6.16, we in the Leave Camp do solemnly swear that we shall spend at least £350 billion a week on Our NHS, every single day”. Talk about dishonesty eh!

Anyway, here’s my latest selection of tweets, which includes my daily summary of an article from either the Far-Right Guardian or Our Independent.

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Lefty’s Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 4th-10th December

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to my latest selection of tweets, which includes my daily summary of an article from the Far-Right Guardian or (occasionally) Our Independent.

As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


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Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 36 (Final Part Of Series): My Comment On A Disappointing Drop In Unemployment, Despite Brexit, From January 2017. Plus: Links For Parts 1-35 Of This Series

Hello, friends.

And a – literally – very warm welcome to you all on this rather wet and windy day, which is clearly just the latest manifestation of dangerous Climate Change which, as 97% of Our Climate Scientists never tire of pointing out, has – literally – nothing to do with weather.

Today also marks the final article in this series of my comments in the Far-Right Guardian, which started back in January this year (my series, that is, not the Far-Right Guardian)! What a lot has changed since then, eh, friends! If I’d told you back in January that the hated May would call a General Election for June 8th which Labour would easily win, and that consequently Jeremy would now be Our Prime Minister, I suspect that most of you would have – literally – not believed me!

Anyway, here’s my final piece. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under it.

[PS: In case any of you are interested in reading/revisiting any of the previous blogs in this series, I’ve put links to all of them below the main piece.]


UK labour market shows signs of slowing (18.1.17)

Friends! The news that wage growth picked up and unemployment fell in the three months ending November is obviously pretty disappointing for those of us in the Remain Camp – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, as we are the 48%, whose numbers are actually growing literally every single day – who had naturally hoped for much worse news than that.

Predictably, certain Hard-Right Leaver elements are now claiming that we in the Remain Camp have “broken our promises” regarding our forecasts of a sharp economic downturn as an immediate result of a vote for Brexit.

This is, of course, nonsense. Our predictions of economic collapse were merely an aspiration, not a firm forecast. Naturally, we are disappointed that we have not yet seen our hopes of disaster fulfilled, but there are solid grounds for believing that, with just a little bit of luck, the UK economy will soon – literally – hit the rocks!

Hard-Right Leavers are also predictably using the totally spurious argument that all the experts that we on the Remain side cite for our case have been wrong in the past – e.g. in favour of Britain joining the ERM; predicting disaster if Britain left the ERM; in favour of Britain joining the Euro; predicting disaster if Britain failed to join the Euro; failing to predict the Great Crash; failing to predict that interest rates would remain low for as long as they have; and, most recently, that the British economy would experience a severe downturn in the immediate aftermath of a Leave vote.

Friends, this is no argument at all! First of all, experts are experts, and whether their predictions turn out to be correct or not surely does not detract from this in any way whatsoever. Expecting experts to be right all of the time – or indeed, any of the time – is totally unreasonable. Their job is to make predictions, not to be right, friends!

And secondly, friends, the fact that the experts have been wrong about all these issues for so long surely means that, regarding their prediction of economic calamity in the event of Hard Brexit, they must almost certainly be right. They can’t continue to be wrong indefinitely, surely? Just on statistical grounds alone, there must be a very good chance that, after producing such an impressively consistent run of totally incorrect predictions, their prediction of economic Armageddon as a result of Hard Brexit must be correct.

So, friends, please do not despair! Bad times are – literally – just round the corner in Far-Right Austerity Britain, and when they arrive – which, hopefully, will be sooner rather than later – those of us on the Progressive Left must be ready to blame them on Hard-Right Brexit, whether it has actually happened or not!

That is, after all, friends, just the sort of positive, upbeat, forward thinking which has got Britain’s Progressive Left to where it – literally – is today.



Links for previous blogs in this series, 1-35

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  13. https://supportourjeremy.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/why-voting-labour-should-be-made-compulsory-friends-my-piece-in-todays-far-right-guardian-plus-part-13-of-saveed-milibands-greatest-hits/
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  34. https://supportourjeremy.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/my-guardian-pieces-part-34-two-comments-on-how-brexit-will-destroy-the-british-economy-in-2017-and-how-labour-can-ensure-a-landslide-at-the-next-general-election-from-january-20/
  35. https://supportourjeremy.wordpress.com/2017/11/27/my-guardian-pieces-part-35-two-comments-on-the-hated-may-and-the-hard-right-corbyns-vicious-betrayal-of-our-eu-from-january-2017/


Lefty’s Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 29th November-4th December

Hello, friends.

And here’s my latest selection of tweets, which includes my daily summary of an article from the Far-Right Guardian or (occasionally) Our Independent.

As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


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Lefty’s Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 24th-29th November

Hello, friends.

And here’s my latest selection of tweets from the past few days, which brings us bang up to date, including as it does my in-depth and totally objective review of Our Emily’s – literally – astounding performance at Our PMQs this afternoon! Gosh, one day she’ll be almost as an impressive Labour Leader as Jeremy is, and that’s – literally – saying something!

Anyway, here – literally – are my tweets. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


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Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 35: Two Comments (On The Hated May; and The Hard-Right Corbyn’s Vicious Betrayal Of Our EU) From January 2017

Hello, friends.

And here’s the penultimate part [Phew! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be such a literally wet squib! – L.] of this long-running series of my pieces in the Far-Right Guardian! And I must admit that I had totally forgotten that, at the beginning of this year, it looked as though Jeremy had betrayed Our EU! Thank goodness that he dealt with [Groan! – J.C. Sorry, Jeremy! Was that a little bit – literally – close to the bone? – L. No comment! – J.C.] that little issue quickly, and is now busily betraying the UK instead fighting for a Jobs-First Brexit, which as we all know is vastly preferable to the sort of extreme Hard-Right Cliff-Edge Brexit the Tories favour, which involves leaving Our EU Single Market and Our Customs Union which, like Our NHS, are the envy of the world and indeed elsewhere.

Anyway, here are the pieces. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


Could Mrs May the control freak become the Queen of Misrule? (article by Andrew Rawnsley, 8.1.17)

Friends! The widely-hated, totally unelected, neoliberal racist Hard-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May is – literally – the worst Prime Minister that this so-called country – which Thatcher totally destroyed – has had, since the widely-hated, Far-Right racist neoliberal Bullingdon Bully Boy Camoron was totally unelected in a coup d’etat, when he viciously and totally illegally seized power from Our Gordon in May [Groan!J.C.] 2010!

And, friends, in addition to being totally unelected, the hated May was not even chosen from an all-women shortlist! Isn’t that – literally – just typical of the sexist Tories?

Worst of all, she is literally destroying Our EU with her plans for Hard-Right Brexit, along with the fact that she is destroying Britain because she – literally – HAS NO PLAN FOR BREXIT!

No wonder that those of us on the Progressive Left – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, despite the tragic passing of some of Our Celebrities in the past year, e.g. Our Fidel – are still, and forever will be – literally – revolting!


In response to springdale (who’d criticised the above piece):

I’ve certainly noticed how many left-wingers can’t laugh at themselves. For them, a “comedian” is someone who can employ a few favourite Lefty buzzwords (“Thatcher”, “Trump”, “Farage”, “Tories”) and, er, well, that’s just about it. They (you) cannot bear to be laughed at, hence your disdain.

Fear not, though – there are plenty of people, including me, who find left-wingers funny. The trouble is, it’s only when they’re not attempting to be.

But I thank you – it’s people like you who furnish the basic material for my posts, which is why you don’t enjoy them. Seeing yourself in my distorting mirror isn’t a very pleasant sight, is it? My pieces are just a bit too close to the reality, which is why so many people on Twitter and in the Graun – Left, Right and Centre – frequently take them at face value (check my replies if you doubt this). And that should worry you. But I bet it doesn’t. Which is one reason why the Left is in such a dreadful state at the moment.


Corbyn on Brexit: UK can be better off out of the EU (10.1.17)

Friends! The viciously Hard-Right neoliberal racist Red Tory Traitor Corbyn (formerly Our Jeremy) has, with his utterly sickening and disgraceful capitulation over Our EU, literally sold those of us in the Remain Camp – and there are still quite a few of us, friends, despite Hard-Right Brexit – down the river, without even a paddle for Nurse to hold on to!

Once again, those of us on the Progressive Left have been – literally – betrayed by our Leader, friends! And by Jeremy, of all people! HOW DARE HE? Surely he has not – literally – fallen for the LIES of the Leave Camp, i.e. the outrageous LIE, emblazoned on the side of a sadistically Hard-Right omnibus of distinctly racist tendencies, and I literally quote what I distinctly remember it said, namely: “If there is a vote for Leave on 23rd June, then from 24th June onwards, £350 billion per day extra, and literally not a penny less, will be spent on Our NHS. No ifs, no buts” – yet another of the literally billions of LIES issued from the LYING Leave Camp!

Even though this may seem like – literally – heresy, I am now beginning to wonder whether we should not have backed that notoriously Far-Right Red Tory Traitor, Owen so-called Jones [Sic!J.C.] in his challenge to Jeremy as Labour Leader last summer. At least Our Owen realised that Our EU is more important than the tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right bigots and racists who viciously voted Leave last June, because they simply did not know what they were voting for, and who in any case were totally taken in by the Leave Camp’s LIES (see above)!

If Jeremy cannot see sense on this vital issue, friends, then someone else will have to – literally – take his place as Labour Leader! That person will obviously need to be a Progressive Left Socialist, whose commitment to Our EU is notoriously notorious, and who is literally loved by literally billions of followers on the Far-Right Twitter as well as in the Hard-Right Guardian, for the penetrating wit, insight and, above all, passionate nature of his Progressive Left journalism.

Fortunately, friends, as I am sure you are all by now aware, such a person is available; and he is ready as well as willing to take up this new challenge. Sheer modesty naturally forbids me from revealing his identity; but I am confident that all intelligent Guardian readers will have no difficulty in working this one out for themselves.


Lefty’s Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 14th-24th November

Hello, friends.

And here’s my latest round-up of tweets and quick summaries of articles, which I hope you’ll all enjoy. [Ha! – J.C. Oh hello, Jeremy! Congratulations on your Budget Response, by the way! All heavyweight and objective commentators – e.g. me – agreed that it was easily your best Commons performance in literally hours! – L.]

Anyway, here they – literally – are. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


Tuesday 14th November

Wednesday 15th November

Thursday 16th November

Friday 17th November

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Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 34: Two Comments (On How Brexit Will Destroy The British Economy In 2017, and How Labour Can Ensure A Landslide At The Next General Election) From January 2017

Hello, friends.

And here’s the latest instalment of my comments in the Far-Right Guardian, which finally takes us in to 2017! Only two more instalments to go, now, friends! Bet you’ll miss them when they’ve finished eh! [You must be JOKING, Lefty! Personally, I can’t wait to see the back of ’em! – J.C. Oh Jeremy! You’re like a Far-Right Lone Trojan Wolf disguised as a paper tiger with a sore head, who’s got out of the wrong side of bed, and is now kicking up the daisies into the long grass behind the stable door, which will bring the whole neoliberal house of cards down on to its – literally – knees! – L. Whose knees, Lefty? The Trojan Wolf’s, or the house of cards’s? – J.C. Oh Jeremy! Don’t be so literally literal-minded! – L.]

Anyway, here are the pieces. As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.


Brexit’s slow-burning fuse will reach a powder keg this year (article by William Keegan, 1.1.17)

Well said, Mr. Keegan. I am quite sure that your forecasts for 2017 will be as accurate as all your previous ones, only even more so.

Friends! The – literally – toxic, hate-filled hatred of that tiny handful of 17,410,742 haters who viciously voted against Our EU last June, is literally hateful, and I for one – literally – hate it! And, indeed, them!

And if there’s one thing that I hate even more than this utterly hateful hatred, friends, it’s all the LIES of the Leave Camp, i.e. the firm pledge – emblazoned on the side of an omnibus of a distinctly Far-Right, racist tendency, for literally all to see – that in the event of a Leave vote, and I literally quote exactly what I clearly remember it said, namely:

Should there be a Leave vote on the 23rd June, then from 24th June, we in the Leave Camp solemnly swear that we shall personally spend an extra £350 billion per week on Our NHS, every single day. This firm pledge is personally underwritten and literally signed in blood by all leading Leave campaigners.

No ifs, no buts. That is what will happen.

Needless to say, friends, this vicious LIE turned out to be nothing more than a – literally – vicious LIE!

By contrast, we in the Remain Camp can – literally – hold our heads high, friends! Because every single one of our promises of what would happen in the immediate aftermath of a Leave vote – the Emergency Budget containing huge tax hikes and spending cuts, the massive hike in interest rates and therefore mortgage rates, the 18% fall in house prices, the Stockmarket crash, the – literally – worthless £, the instant plunging of the economy in to recession with the accompanying sharp rise in unemployment, enormous hikes in roaming charges, and – last, but by no means least – World War III – have literally come true with a vengeance; or even if they haven’t, will at any rate happen some time very soon (fingers crossed eh, friends)!

Faced with this contrast between the LIES of the Leave Campaign, and the unutterable honesty of those of us Remainers whose unimpeachable integrity is as obvious as the accuracy of our forecasts, is it any wonder that literally all of the 17,410,742 Hard-Right bigoted racists who viciously voted against Our EU last June – and all because they were taken in by the LIES of the Leave Camp re our NHS – have now changed their minds about this issue? And that, in fact, the 48% is now – literally – the 100%?

And no doubt, there’ll now be some Hard-Right elements in the Far-Right Guardian who’ll – literally – pop up here to accuse me of “writing utter and total rubbish”! Well, friends, “delusional” just isn’t an adequate word with which to describe such people!



Labour could slump to below 150 MPs, Fabian Society warns (2.1.17)

Friends! The news that Labour may get as little as 20% of the vote at the next general election and win fewer than 150 seats is, naturally, somewhat disappointing to those of us on the Progressive Left, who were hoping for a rather better result than that.

However, all is – literally – not lost friends! There is a way out of this – literally – quagmire! But it will require a great deal of courage and bold thinking!

Extensive polling evidence, carried out by me over the last several minutes, has shown that the overwhelming majority of people, i.e. me, are – literally – sick to the back teeth of this totally unelected Tory Government and its vicious attempt to drive Hard-Right Brexit through against the wishes of 100% of the 48% of us who were wise enough to see through the Far-Right Leave Campaign’s vicious LIES, i.e. the firm promise of £350 billion/hour extra for Our NHS – a LIE!

And, given that a 48% share of the vote would be enough to give Labour a landslide at the next General Election, the answer is surely clear:

1. Labour must move sharply to the Left. Let’s face it, friends: the neoliberal paradigm has failed utterly, leaving working people, e.g. students and the unemployed, in – literally – the lurch.

2. As part of this process, we must talk to ordinary people. We need to listen to their fears, their hopes, their dreams. And then we must explain to them, in language that even they can understand, exactly how and why they are totally wrong.

3. We must adopt some hard-hitting, radical policies that will appeal to working people everywhere! Here are just a few: More immigration, higher taxes on the Banksters and 1% coupled with more borrowing for investment in vital public services, e.g. Climate Change, which is – literally – destroying this world, and indeed elsewhere.

4. Above all, we must make sure that the ultimate catastrophe of Brexit – whether Hard, Soft, or simply half-baked (not a bad little joke there, eh friends! And to think Hard-Right elements claim that we on the Progressive Left have no sense of humour!) –  is avoided. Fortunately, we will have many Progressive elements on our side to help us with this: Our IMF, Our Bankers, Our City of London, Our CBI, Our Judges, along with Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg, and many, many other people and organisations who we can be proud to call our friends and allies!

If we can just do all these things, friends, I can – literally – guarantee that the next General Election, whenever the cowardly Bullingdon Bully Boy May plucks up the courage to hold it, will result in a landslide!



Lefty’s Selection Of Tweets And Quick Summaries Of Articles, 8th-14th November

Hello, friends.

And I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank some Hard-Right elements who’ve been writing some rather entertaining comments in one of my recent Blogs! 

I have to confess that I’m not entirely sure that I understand exactly what they’re talking about – and nor, indeed, that they do, either! But if this has – literally – whetted your appetite, here’s a link to their comments:


Anyway, here’s the latest batch of tweets and Quick Summaries. As ever, my thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve mentioned, and to all who’ve contributed to the threads, which can easily be viewed, by dint of clicking on the tweet in question!


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