Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 16th-23rd June

Hello, friends.

And as you are all doubtless aware, for those of us on the Progressive Left, today is a Day Of Mourning: the first anniversary of last year’s Hate Vote against Our EU, which as we all know led to a huge outbreak of Hate Crimes – e.g. the woman who gave me a funny look while I was shouting “Evil racist Tory scum!” at her the other day – along with the total economic collapse of the British economy, higher roaming charges, accelerating Climate Change and World War III, as exclusively predicted by Our Experts, who were as accurate as they always are when predicting these future catastrophes.

Delusional, friends!

And yet, when you point out these self-evident truths to Hard-Right, racist elements, e.g. that bigoted woman Duffy, who destroyed Our Gordon’s End To Boom And Bust by her reckless gambling on Our Northern Rock [Hang on, Lefty! Are you quite sure about this? Must admit, that’s not my exact recollection!J.C. Oh Jeremy! It’s all there on the internet, if you look hard enough! L.], they just laugh in your face and say “you’re just making this all up!” Talk about delusional, eh friends!

Anyway, enough of all this in-depth political and economic analysis [Ha!J.C.]. Here’s the latest batch of tweets. (My thanks to everyone whose tweets I’ve reused here.)


Friday 16th June

Saturday 17th June

Sunday 18th June

Monday 19th June

Tuesday 20th June

Wednesday 21st June

Thursday 22nd June

Friday 23rd June


4 thoughts on “Lefty’s Friday Selection Of Tweets, 16th-23rd June

  1. There was a golden age when twit-tat only blighted our Sundays and we had the whole of the following working week to recover. Now our entire weekends are sabotaged. Have pity! Some of the twits are only hours old yet are repeated ad nauseam (actually all the twits are nauseam)

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  2. Splendid stuff , and a socialist pole rammed straight into the heart of Pink Traitor Jones. When we here on the REAL Left were backing Jeremy, the likes of Owen Jones spent all their time shafting him from behind at PMQs every week.
    Jones is of course Shadow Virtual Youth and Northern Minister as bequeathed us by traitor Miliband.
    Oh for the days of Audrey Wise and Valerie Wise…even Dennis Wise would do these days.
    Mr Lefty kept the faith throughout and refused to knuckle under the hated Tory cabal of Owen Jones and the rest of `em.
    No-start at Terry Eagleburger and veer wild left…and stop only for refreshment and succour at the Lefty Oasis that this site provides.
    Midnight At the Oasis?….am sewing a camel-sized eye mask and hope to find socialist fulfilment in the arms of Corbyns true comrades as I offer Turkish Delight and a Frys Mint Creme bar to the TRUE believers.
    Jones is a milksop boy.

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