My Saveed Miliband Pieces From The Far-Right Guardian!

Hello, friends.

And I am pleased to announce yet another service for you, my readers! From now on, I shall be copying my longer pieces from the Far-Right Guardian, here in this Progressive Left Blog!

Additionally, if this proves popular [Ha! J.C. Oh Jeremy! Why do you always have to be such a literally wet blanket?L.], I shall accompany them with a brief [Oh pull the other one, Lefty! You, brief? Talk about an oxymoron!J.C. I shall not dignify that with a response, Jeremy.L.] comment on the – literally – burning issue of the day.

But because it’s rather late today (in future, I shall publish the piece as soon as it has appeared in the Guardian – this idea only came to me literally in the bath just now), I shall, without further ado, just reproduce the piece as it appeared, earlier today, with a (Twitter) link to the original article/comment, below.

Hope this proves useful, friends! Here – literally – goes!

UK GDP figures show solid end to 2016 despite Brexit vote

Friends! The news that the UK economy grew by 0.6% in the final quarter of 2016 is naturally pretty disappointing to those of us in the Remain Camp – and never let it be forgotten, friends, that we are The 48%, a percentage which is literally growing every day, although admittedly not as quickly as the economy, sadly – who had naturally hoped for a much lower rate of growth, and indeed preferably, an actual shrinkage of the economy.

But, friends, please do not despair! As I literally never tire of pointing out, Brexit has not happened yet! And just because not all – or indeed, any – of the Remain Camp’s predictions of what would happen in the immediate aftermath of a Leave vote – e.g. a sharp downturn in economic activity leading to a sharp rise in unemployment – have come to pass, that doesn’t in any way invalidate our predictions regarding what will happen when we do leave Our EU!

Think of it this way, friends. The fact that the Remain Camp’s predictions have been so impressively and consistently wrong so far, surely just means that our predictions of what will happen when Britain leaves Our EU are almost certain to be correct. We can’t continue to be wrong indefinitely, surely? Just on statistical grounds alone, there must be a very good chance that, after producing such an impressively consistent run of totally incorrect predictions, our predictions of economic Armageddon as a result of Brexit will turn out to be correct.

And when they do indeed turn out to be correct, friends, the joy in the Remain Camp will be boundless! We’ll be able to say – literally – “We told you so!” It will – literally – serve right that tiny handful of 17,410,742 bigoted haters, who only voted Leave because they were taken in by all the LIES of the Leave Camp (anyone remember that firm promise of “£350 trillion extra per hour for Our NHS from 24.6.16 if there’s a vote for Leave! No ifs, not buts!”, emblazoned on the side of that notoriously racist omnibus? Yet another Leave Camp LIE!), and who in any case didn’t know what they were voting for!

So, friends, stay – literally – strong, unlike (hopefully) the British so-called economy – which Thatcher totally destroyed – which will, with just a little bit of luck, soon be collapsing totally, all due to Hard-Right Brexit, which hasn’t happened yet!



19 thoughts on “My Saveed Miliband Pieces From The Far-Right Guardian!

  1. Non friend Singer is starting to sound like the hard right fascist he or she literally swears he or she is not.
    The usual hard right lies. How dare the person insult Lefty like this. Literally his every word is as gold falling from the sky.
    My mate Ron has placed an idealised picture of his new hero -that is you Lefty- on the front of the dumpster.
    A young muscular hero bare armed holding a hammer in his great hands and with his boots stamping a hard right Bexiteer into the mud.
    We await your words of comfort and wisdom after watching the execrable hard right May Junta and the Trump fiend in Washington today.

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  2. Dave S How perspicatious of you to place an idealized picture of Letfly at a location he truly deserves to be – on the front of a dumpster. Perhaps when you come to appreciate him even more, he could go inside. May I come to pay my respects?

    I fail to see how what I write here can be described as “Literally his every word is as gold falling from the sky.” But you may share my Creme de Menthe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As a literally rough uncouth follower of our Jeremy I protest at your insult to Lefty. Our dumpster is hallowed ground for progressives and to be in on or anywhere near it is an honour. I fear you were literally being insulting .
      AS for my inept failure to make it clear that the golden words are Leftys’ not yours at all what can I say in my defence. ?
      Only that we progressives are proud to be literally stupid rather than polished hard rightists reeking of Creme de Menthe – a foul concoction of fascist hatred that is doubtless served daily at May Junta cabinets and those Brexiteer gatherings under your many bridges.

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  3. DaveS. You have it all wrong. I meant no disrespect at all. I recognize that your dumpster constitutes one of the seven modern socialist wonders of the world. I have only managed to visit one of them – our Jeremy’s bikeshed (constantly surrounded by the media in the expectation of a visionary appearance). Why else would I crave a visit to the dumpster? I know full well that I would never be allowed into its interior.

    So sorry that I was confused about who was uttering the golden words. I only really sing, and rarely utter. My words are usually a sort of beige. As a penance, you will note that I have voluntarily given up using the mot-de-decade beginning with “l”.

    Might I put you right about the green nectar. This was the tipple of the French barricades of June 1832. Because our ancient bothers and sisters in arms lost their battle there is no longer any green on the fascist French flag.

    May Junta cabinets drink flagons of 2010 CRU – they love their wine homogenized at the great vineyards of the UEA.

    My allegiance remains firm to our one and only leader – our Jeremy (although the “our” shrinks day by day” – already we have lost the Welsh. My allergy remains firm to Letfly who I don’t trust. He has undermined the confidence you once had in me. Cellar V.

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  4. A New service?
    From Saveed?
    This would have to be a Hindu or Sikh alternative surely, and Stalin was not one for religions.
    Religion is the Adios of the People.
    Hope you`ll confirm that you`ll give no religion any house room on this site.
    I myself adhere to Lenins “Imagine”
    Imagine no possessions-which I believe is a popular hymn at Stansteds Baggage Reclaim.

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    1. Friend Cheryl! You – literally – need have no fear!

      Only two Religions are permitted on this Blog, and they are both entirely secular:

      1. Our EU, which must be – literally – worshipped at all times.

      2. Our Man-Made Climate Change, which – whatever Hard-Right Deniers may claim, as they merrily sing [Groan!J.C.] their song of total denial – all Progressive Left elements must believe in.

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      1. Typo there Letfly: “Our EU, which must be – literally – worshipped at all times.” Shouldn’t it have been “Our EU, which must be – literally – WHIPPED at all times”?

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  5. Letfly. Yet another attempt to attack moi, sussed out by Jeremy’s great intellectual acumen. I have never commented here upon my views on man (and troll)-made climate change, and if you believe I have, you’ve been drinking too much of that opposition CRU. When did Labour’s executive committee decide that cAGW (and cTGW) was 1) religious and 2) true?

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  6. Lefty your tweet on the hated far right Trump was literally stunning. The hated far right May junta must ban him for ever. I hope our Jeremy is on board with this as I know he is at one with us on everything again. My mate Ron is happy again as he can call Jeremy our Jeremy again and has welded back the lifesize statue although sadly he has lost an arm . Ron threw it in the river when he closed you down.
    One armed Jeremy is literally more romantic than a two armed one. We think so but then we are literally insanely progressive.
    Singer is literally troublesome again. Ban him until he shows real remorse at doubting you.

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    1. Thank you, Friend Dave – and btw, my congratulations on your splendid performance on the organ for Sunday’s Blog. I may have to – literally – rope you in again for this …

      Please give my regards to Friend Ron, and ask him to make sure that Jeremy’s statue doesn’t lose its remaining arm – the last thing we want is feeble jokes from the Far-Right Media, e.g. the BBC, about Jeremy being totally armless.

      I shall consider your very wise suggestion about the Hard-Right Singer. But I am very reluctant to ban him, despite his neoliberal ways. Mind you, I have a hunch that the Creme de Menthe he claims to imbibe is actually no more than – literally – Hard-Right mint cakes …

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      1. Foul slander! Anyways my tipple is Jamiesons, which is why I only offered to share my Christmas leftover (there really ought to be a joke here) Creme-de-Menthe with comrade Dave. This of course was spurned rotten and labelled only fit for the May junta Cabinet – so insulting Les Miserables everwhere.

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  7. Ron and DaveS.
    Wrong about me again. You seem more supportive of the tweeting wonder (hes even begining to style what’s left of his top knot like the Trumpster) than the one and only “our Jeremy.”
    Wrong also in thinking the tweetster can ban me, he doesn’t have the techni

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