Saveed Miliband’s “Guardian” Pieces, Part 16: Nine Brief Comments From June And July 2016

Hello, friends.

And with Jeremy now poised to consolidate his – literally – unbelievable victory in Our General Election earlier this month by – literally – occupying Our Downing Street, with a little help from Our Momentum Friends, it’s time to resume my long-running series of Saveed Miliband’s comments in the Far-Right Guardian.

This particular edition contains some uncharacteristically brief comments, the final one being a mere three words which, as I explain below, was actually a mistake, but one which elicited a very good reply, which justified my otherwise unjustifiable error.

As ever, a link to the original article and my comment, along with any replies, is provided under each piece.

Working-class Britons feel Brexity and betrayed – Labour must win them over (article by Owen Jones, 10.6.16)

Well said, Owen. I agree with everything you’ve written, whatever it was.

We on the Progressive Left – and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me – must now rally behind Our Dave and other progressive elements, i.e. Our IMF, Our Goldman Sachs, Our NATO, Our CBI etc. etc. to save Our EU, which is under sustained attack by Hard-Right elements, e.g. Dennis Skinner, Arthur Scargill, George Galloway and the Socialist Workers Party.

Leaving Our EU would be the end of Our EU as we know it, friends; and quite frankly, World War III – which, by the way, Friend Dave never said *would* happen if we left the EU, only that it was a highly probable event – is just one of the potentially milder consequences of Brexit. Higher roaming charges would be a dead cert, along with the possibility of quite a few redundancies in Brussels.

Friends, let us now put our footling political differences with Our Dave aside, and join with him to save Our EU.

.My Blog, as ever, leads the way:


A second EU referendum could pull us out of the fire. Let’s make it happen (article by Geraint Davies, 30.6.16)

Last week’s so-called Referendum was, of course, totally unnecessary, unwanted and undemocratic.

The result was a mass rejection of Far-Right Tory Austerity, which has been deliberately perpetuated by this totally unelected Tory Government as part of its attack on some of the weakest, poorest and most vulnerable members of our society – which Thatcher denied the existence of, and then destroyed – e.g. Our Junior Doctors.

Therefore, friends, we must hold a second Referendum to obtain the correct result, i.e. to stay in Our EU – and indeed a third, or as many as are needed – because the issue of Our EU is far too important to be decided by a tiny and totally unrepresentative handful of 17,410,742 Far-Right racists who voted for Hate against Hope.


Poll reveals young remain voters reduced to tears by Brexit result (LSE survey, 2.7.16)

In reply to Carl123:

Indeed. The very idea that the losing side should gracefully accept defeat is utterly appalling.

As you so wisely imply, the minority should prevail.


This Tory chaos won’t last. Labour must take its chance (article by Polly Toynbee, 4.7.16)

Well said, Polly.

We, the 48% who voted for Our Europe, are the majority, and we shall prevail.


So farewell then, Michael Gove. You were right about one thing (article by Marina Hyde, 7.7.16)

It is utterly typical of this totally unelected Tory Government that the two final contenders for Prime Minister are both women, even though – in yet another example of the kind of disgraceful sexism for which the Tories are notorious – they were not picked from a women-only shortlist.


Andrea Leadsom delights the Tory right. But she may cost them power (article by Matthew D’Ancona, 10.7.16)

There is absolutely no evidence that the Far-Right Neoliberal Andrea Leadsom would be any more successful as Prime Minister than her idol, the totally evil Thatcher, who was so widely hated that she only managed to win three General Elections and cling on to office for 11 years before she was thrown out by a mass uprising of ordinary people, i.e. Tory backbenchers.


Only a general election can give the next government a mandate (article by Tim Farron, 12.7.16)

Very well said, Tim.

It is particularly brave of you to suggest that we have an early General Election, given that there is always a risk – for any political party, even one as overwhelmingly popular as the Liberal Democrats – of losing seats.

But my hunch is that, if an early Election does indeed take place, the LibDems will probably manage to hang on to all but about eight of their current seats.

Like Tim, I am fully prepared to take that risk, in the interests of defeating that tiny and totally unrepresentative handful of 17,410,742 Far-Right racists who have brought about total economic collapse, World War III and higher roaming charges as a result of their vicious votes against Our EU.


Cameron has washed his hands of No 10. But he’s left an almighty mess (article by Polly Toynbee, 13.7.16)

Well said, Polly.

What a contrast Camoron’s departure from Downing Street is with that of the departure of that economic genius, Gordon Brown, who in 2010 bequeathed this country with a growing economy – despite it having been totally destroyed by the Banksters in 2008 – thanks to his abolition of Tory Boom and Bust.

This totally unelected Tory Government has, by contrast, totally destroyed this country with its vicious policy of Far-Right Austerity, which is nothing more than a deliberate and sadistic attack on some of the most vulnerable people in our society – which Thatcher first denied the existence of, and then destroyed – i.e. Our Junior Doctors, who are now forced to work 95-hour weeks on Zero Hour Contracts whilst struggling to pay ever-higher Bedroom Taxes.

No wonder, friends, that we on the Progressive Left are revolting!


Shock news. Boris Johnson’s #massivelegend status doesn’t travel (article by Marina Hyde, 14.7.16)

The evil Johnson

[Confession, friends! That was the start of a post which I never finished – now have no idea what I was planning to say – and for some reason, I accidentally published it! But it elicited a very enjoyable reply, as you can see from the link below!]



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