My Piece In Today’s Guardian, In Which I Fully Support Zoe Williams’ Passionate Attack On The – Literally – Fascist “Daily Fail”, Which Has Now Picked On One Of The Weakest And Most Vulnerable Members Of Our Society – Which, Never Let It Be Forgotten, Friends, Thatcher Totally Destroyed – Who Cannot Even Answer Back, Namely Our Gary, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And I am pleased to bring you – literally hot off the press! – my latest piece in the Far-Right Guardian, in which I fully support Our Zoe’s passionate defence of Our Gary against the viciously Fascistic “Daily Heil”, as one of the comments in reply to my piece wittily calls it. Must admit, I feel slightly ashamed I didn’t think of that particular name for it, friends! But it is Monday, when some of us actually have to go to work; although naturally that doesn’t include me, fortunately.

Anyway, without further ado, here it is. As ever, I have provided a link to the original article and my comment, together with replies to it, below my piece.

Then the Daily Mail came for Gary Lineker, and we said: ‘Enough!’ – Zoe Williams

Well said, Zoe.

As you imply, this vicious attack by the literally Fascist Daily Fail on Our Gary – who, after all, is quite unable to answer back – is reminiscent of Hitler at his very worst; and indeed quite possibly worse. After all, even Hitler did not stoop so low as to attack sports television presenters, even ones with views that were reasonably progressive, like Gary’s. I guess it must be all the vulnerable refugee children that Gary is looking after in his own home that makes the Fascist Daily Fail so angry, since as we all know, they have a visceral hatred for vulnerable refugees, matched only by their vile contempt for those who, like Gary, are generous enough to take care of them.

But let us be of good cheer, friends! As we all know, the Fascist Daily Fail is the most widely-despised and hated so-called newspaper in the world, and indeed elsewhere! Thank God literally nobody reads that Far-Right racist rag any more, apart from a few million bigoted people who’ve been totally brainwashed by its predictable LIES!

One thing does puzzle me, however. Given that the Fascist Fail – so-called because it’s literally Fascist, as well as literally failing – is so hated, how has it managed to keep going? Some people have even alleged that it has a bigger circulation than the (admittedly, Far-Right) Guardian. This is surely not possible, or at any rate, shouldn’t be.

But here’s a comforting thought. Those few remaining readers of the Fascist Fail are doubtless mainly comprised of that tiny handful of 17,410,742 Hard-Right bigoted racists who viciously voted against Our EU last June, and who – let it never be forgotten, friends – represent absolutely nobody but themselves.

And the good news is that, according to figures I have recently obtained from a highly respected and objective expert on demographics, i.e. myself, most of these 17,410,742 Fascists are – in addition to possessing no academic qualifications worth speaking of, along with a remarkably blinkered and hateful view of their fellow human beings – actually very old indeed. Indeed, figures I have just made up show that at least half of them have died since June 23rd, and the rest should, with a little help from Our NHS, be gone before this year is out.

Which means, friends, that the Fascist Fail will – literally – pass away with them! And a Second Referendum on Our EU (who says we on the Progressive Left “are against Referendums” eh? Not when it’s a Second Referendum, we’re not!) should be a – literally – walkover for the Remain Camp!

So, friends, stay strong! Fascism, racism and just about every other kind of ism, are shortly to be consigned in to the Far-Right dustbin of history, along with the narrow-minded hatred, bigotry and above all sheer small-minded nastiness that is as prevalent amongst the Right as it is absent amongst those of us on the Progressive Left, whose tolerance, good grace, unfailing humour and sense of perspective are as notable as our self-awareness, lack of projection and, above all, modesty.


13 thoughts on “My Piece In Today’s Guardian, In Which I Fully Support Zoe Williams’ Passionate Attack On The – Literally – Fascist “Daily Fail”, Which Has Now Picked On One Of The Weakest And Most Vulnerable Members Of Our Society – Which, Never Let It Be Forgotten, Friends, Thatcher Totally Destroyed – Who Cannot Even Answer Back, Namely Our Gary, Friends!

  1. Friend Gas! Welcome to our little community! We’re a friendly bunch, apart from the Hard-Right Singer Beneath Bridges, who’s a vicious Climate Denier, as well as a peddler of a lot of neoliberal tittle-TATtle [Groan!J.C.]

    Anyway, I do apologise for literally taking the words from your mouth. Shall I put them back?


  2. Who are you calling Hard Right you traitorous, colombo-mimicking, blogging neo-fascist upstart who cannot decide who to support – Milliband or Our Jeremy? (Or perhaps yourself).
    Poor Ron doesn’t know where he is, having lost his mate to Рыба и чипсы, switching support between me and your spiteful self, almost at random.

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      1. Ron, I agree with you. There’s no way the original Letfly would have corrected my spelling (and he forgot to capitalize) or left out an inappropriate “literally”. He also has slipped back to calling me “friend” instead of “fiend”. Has he been replaced by a clone? The far-right, Murdoch-besmearched BBC has been broadcasting a lot about robots recently. I wonder…..

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  3. Friends ,progressives , Lefty and Singer lend me your ears. We come to save our Jeremy not to bury him. Forget your differences. Unity is strength.
    The hard right scum in the neo fascist labour party want him dethroned. We progressives must literally fight to remove all hard right elements from the party. That means everyone except our Jeremy.
    Surely a party of one true progressive is better than a party of thousands of card carrying hardrightists
    This is a Public Service statement from the Merthyr Tydfil Socialist Collective of Pie Shops. (funded by generous donations from the Comrade Stalin Memorial Fund)

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  4. Dear Анонимный Many thanks to the Социалистический коллектив пирог магазинов for their public statement. I was completely unaware of the progressiveness and the culinary culture of the valleys.

    Please return my ears soonest, I cannot hear the cliperty clop of Gruff Bullies over my bridge without them.


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  5. Oh it`s not fair!
    Been away a while from this splendid site-and would LOVE to have commented on your peerless Guardian piece.
    Love the fact that so many are finally getting the joke-poor Mick Scott probably in need of some teaching support, but hoping his NHS will seek him out for special counselling.
    Truly wonderful-many out here may have been writing you off as our Future Leader. I. of course have kept faith so hope to be elected to your shadow cabinet.
    Pink van ready to roll,

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  6. Thank you, Friend Cheryl! Great to have you back! And thank you for your continuing support, which I am continuing to wear.

    A place in my Shadow Cabinet for you is guaranteed, although I may just need you to write a new report on the continuing problem of a total lack of antisemitism in the Labour Party, first …


  7. Cheryl. You do realize what Letfly is offering you don’t you? A place in the House of Lords!! Like the last one got.
    Better get thinking about where you will be baroness of.

    Hold on though, it’s Letfly, so don’t catch your stoats yet.

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    1. I have long been a cheerleader for Support Our Lefty-and indeed, I have held a torch for yourself Mr Bridges.
      My unflinching loyalty to “The Cause” is-quite literally-unflinchingly unstinting-and I am currently working on a slim volume of odes and verse with a daily paean to The Great Leftie-and am happy to devote an appendix to poems for your own inevitable rise to “the Top Job”, should we read the runes and find you at that 10% popularity rating that Corbyn sees as being the springboard to Caracas-style world domination.
      I will be the Dominatrix de nos jours….Joan Lester was my Father!

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